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  • Though made up of 5 separate vignettes, DiSanto's obscure feature "Fixated" packs a wallop, with a wonderful surprise ending. His casting of arousing Brit Porn babes is a treat.

    Each scene is nearly identical: a lady of the evening on the sidewalk or rooftop soliciting business while smoking a cigarette (DiSanto has a fetish series on smokers as practice). They hump a john inside for approximately 100 pounds charged, and there's also patter establishing the johns as near-stalkers, who cased each chosen ladies for many nights before making a move.

    Another recurring motif is all the gals make love wearing thigh-high fetish boots, plus fishnet stockings. BIg breasts are de rigeur, and beautiful eyes Danielle Cole is present for IR content. Many a tattoo makes its presence known as well.

    So plenty of fetish material is packed in to pump up otherwise by-the-positions sex scenes, and the seasoned players, Brooklyn Blue and Yuffie Yulan among them, give the scenes an edge. Stick around after the final cum shot for that trick ending.