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  • I continue to enjoy the work of veteran porn director Jim Powers, but "Whoriental" is an example of the perils of making literally thousands of videos. It's a stinker cranked out while he was crafting his excellent "Perverted Stories" series for producer Jeff Steward, and is negligible.

    Scenes are set at a Chinese laundry belonging to Rod Fontana, whose phony mustache, hair and dumb hat are accompanied by wild overacting, as he single-handedly does to Chinese stereotyping what Jerry Lewis did to Japanese in his racist party-teeth/goggle-thick glasses screen character.

    Rod and a variety of customers hump Oriental girls working at the laundry, none of whom can speak English. Four Black dudes gang bang one of them, but it is Rod's impression that gives the show its most racist aspect, apparently in a misguided attempt by Powers seeking laughs.

    "Perverted Stories" is at times brilliant in its anything goes approach to poor taste and outrageousness but that doesn't work at all here.