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  • Advertised on the DVD as representing "Real Couples", this second edition of a dubious Bluebird Films series is a pointless attempt to pretend that pro talent is actually amateur. Why fans go for this nonsense remains a mystery to me, but what they get here is nothingness.

    Beginning with star Brooklyn Chase, it is patently obvious to the naked eye (I couldn't resist starting my quota of punning) that these ladies are not First Timers, sort of like passing of Tom Byron or Joey Silvera as newbies. The girls are perhaps discoveries fairly early in the career, but like most series that come-on is phony.

    The fake-sex-tape approach has set-up scenes with the boyfriend handling a camera, often shown in a bathroom mirror shot to attempt to pass this off as home-movie technique rather than shot at a Chatsworth studio location, and the camera set-ups are purposely distant and crummy, again mimicking "reality". For porn fans, this is an exercise in futility.