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  • The story was really predictable. I honestly mostly laugh on the old jokes they've reused most specially with 'Boy Bastos'... first Filipino Heist movie I've seen and it's a bit enjoayble. I just wish they have not reused too much old routines done by other comedians. It's like remembering movies from the past instead of making me remember this movie. I'm sure these guys grew up with the same comedians as I did but just felt let down to see them just done by different comedian. I hope to see part 2 of this film but more centred on the Heist...
  • crafttimeph3 August 2020
    Filipino heist-type movies are a rarity, and the fact that it was also a comedy is something that delighted me. Eman's father played by Pen Medina (a solid actor) is endearing because he genuinely loved his son, even though Eman was not as skilled as the father. The rest are okay actors, but the casting director made a good choice in picking them because they really did suit their roles.
  • Its funny and entertaining. Its a breath of fresh air from the usual romantic comedies and horror movies that floods Filipino Cinema. Although toward the end, its pretty obvious the writer is a Guy Ritchie fan. Similarities with Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is noticeable. Nonetheless its still a fun experience.