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  • This is not that funny of a film. The stupidity of the characters actually plays more to tragedy than comedy in my opinion. The movie is a mixture of dark comedy, situational humor, investigative ineptitude, surprisingly good acting, and an entertaining (if aimless) narrative.

    Maybe my love for the Trailer Park Boys predisposed me to liking podunk humor, but I was entertained throughout the whole thing.

    It just feels weird to give this an'll understand when you see it.
  • This is a dark comedy that's rarely makes one laugh out loud, but it's still funny, and extremely weird. For me it has hints of Fargo, Beavis and Butthead, and Dale and Tucker vs Evil. The twist is disturbing (without being graphic), unique and utterly unexpected. The characters are (sadly) believable, even if most are stereotypical. Worth a watch.
  • Seems interesting at first, and decent setting and local characters. But the actions of the main character are just too stupid too believe. It ruins the story. The pathway to the ending is clearly outlined in a linear fashion early in the story, you kind of know exactly where it's going. Overall mediocre.
  • I didn't know what the expect but man... they did get weird. I was expecting Fargo vibes but this took a whole different turn. The dark comedy is done well I must say.
  • This was definitely a dark noir comedy but they did it pretty right the twist was a weird shock
  • This movie was a pleasant surprise, better than the trailer suggested. Great acting from all the performers and some nice camerawork. I might make you like Nickleback though, when it plays during the credits.
  • This is the most weirdest movies I have watched this year. The plot is so bizarre and the execution is poor. So, overall not a poor attempt to create something similar to Fargo. The Four stars goes for the acting that is quite enjoyable. That's all, I'm not going to be close a horse anymore.
  • The description classes this movie to have crime, comedy and drama. If you want to watch crime you'd be better off watching a Judge Judy episode and I'm saying that in a sense that I don't like Judge Judy. The only comedy you'll find is "smirking" at how dumb the main actors must be to the point that makes you wonder how they can afford cars and be in relationships. The overwhelming amount of drama relating to the crimes committed is undeserved.

    If you want to see "weird" like many of my fellow reviewers are classing this movie as, be prepared to waste your time because it's not weird, it's just plain stupid. I couldn't imagine reading the script and thinking I want my name to be a part of this. I would take the job but wouldn't tell my friends about it. The acting was good. After seeing the ending you'll know the script is illogical in so many aspects.

    Budget was adequate but after seeing the trailer you'll believe it's an absolute anti-climax and a slow burning drama. The first 15 minutes hooked me in but it started to go downhill from there and didn't seem to stop. The ending is dreadful and the only feeling it invoked in me was "I expected more but thank god that's over".

    Watch the trailer and run.
  • It is long, boring and just does not make a whole lot of sense. The facts are not presented properly it is just a garbled mess.

    It is not a dark comedy. It cannot in any way be compared to a great movie like Fargo.
  • This is a very good dark comedy that hinges on dumb decisions and a pervasive all-round ineptitude of almost all of the characters. But this isn't your usual dark comedy, in the sense that this won't elicit lots of laughs. It's a comedy because the characters and situations are pathetically laughable, but that doesn't mean you will find yourself laughing all along. Though the plot is a bit strange, the stellar performances delivered by all of the cast render the whole story as completely believable. I would even go as far as to say that this is so well done that it looks like the characters had no choice but to act as they do. The whole cast does a great job, but special credit must be given to Virginia Newcomb's performance. The shades of perplexity that go through her face when her husband tells her the unthinkable are priceless! I would say that everything in this movie is as good as it should be. No more, no less. Everything is in its place. There's also a very subtle hint of Cohen brothers to some of the awkward moments and some of the shots, which for me is an added bonus.
  • Well we know the premise of this movie basically from the title. Dick dies and only his two best friends and band mates know how it happened, only thing is, they're not talking.

    I have to admit, I did NOT see that twist coming due to how suspenseful and shrouded in mystery of Dick's death was throughout the majority of this film. Chances are you won't see it either. So just do your best to imagine how 3 low IQ, bumbling, no talent, drunk, high, rednecks act up to when they're left alone to their wild shenanigans.

    This movie isn't a "comedy" in the sense that there are jokes or any sorts of punchlines. The characters themselves ARE the punchline to a really bad and tasteless joke. There's no slapstick or outright humor to be found, yet it's comedic aspect comes from just how clueless the main character is and how every decision he makes just makes things worse for himself.

    So it's a weird movie and it's pacing definitely won't be for everyone. I rated it a 6 because while it kept me interested and curious the entire film by the end of it I wished it had gone further with the content. It's equal parts mystery, suspense, and comedy with an answer to a question you just plain aren't expecting but at a relatively slow pace. There's no gag or gross out humor, no nudity, just some occasional swearing.
  • I have not till i saw the death of dick long. everything here are strange and peculiar, its straightforward and honest, its like beavis and butthead running a horsestable, well you might imagine if you know them animated buddies.

    its a boys night out that ends pretty bad, and as it turns out , the bad things wont stop happening whatever they do, at home , in relations. the moral of the story is hard to find but one thing is for sure, you cant make a 5 year old lie to the police....

    its a darn good and hilariously funny story and crazy plot, the acting are perfect and the cast superbly chosen. very nice score and filmography along with great editing.

    its for sure a shockingly mad redneck story from the deep south where they take well care of their folks and great care of their animals.and the police are fair and square , ready to protect their citizens life and property.its shockingly well made dark comedy and recommends with a ten, by the grumpy old man
  • hifrmny14 December 2019
    The reviewer who said the facts were not presented clearly was right on. Unless you want troubling garbage to keep popping up in your thoughts, don't watch this movie.
  • cwstrgzr20 December 2019
    Started out intriguing. That's where it stopped. Two morons drop their dead friend off at the hospital. Never really goes anywhere from there.
  • Pretty good movie pound for pound. For such a simple Alabama location I think it was directed pretty well.
  • Stark_1920 October 2019
    There is no comedy in this movie. Talking about dark comedy is an overstatement. What a waste of my time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film start with three man(Zeke, Earl and Dick) paying music instrument, smoking and drinking beer, Zeke and Earl dragging the body of Dick and left him at a hospital scene! As turnout, this film is about solving the mystery of the death of Dick! Dick actually kill by a horse effing him! Entire film full of overuse boring conversation! Barely laughable conversation scene is, Zeke's daughter "Cynthia" asking him what is "cocksucker"! He answer his daughter, is a man who suck dick! Barely funny scene is, Zeke push his car into a lake, he tripping and pull Earl into the lake! They fight in the lake and one of them ear get injured! Barely intense scene is, Zeke's wife "Lydia" ask him to leave, he mad and broke a door's window! At the end, Zeke runaway and release the horse from the stall, a female sheriff "Dudley" take him down! After knowing the truth, Zeke release from custody! Lydia back to her father house with Cynthia! That's it! Completely wasting time to watch!
  • notfree2511 October 2019
    This movie did NOT remind me of Fargo, but it did give me the same vibe as Get Out.

    It is first and foremost a comedy with suspense mixed in. The story slowly presents itself to you and you learn how brilliantly dumb yet plausible the death of Dick Long was.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Guess we got a little carried away last night". You may be right Mr. Andre Hyland. Hyland plays a vapor smoking townie named Earl Wyeth in 2019's The Death of Dick Long.

    Anyway, have you ever seen a version of Fargo and/or A Simple Plan without all the epic self-seriousness? And have you ever seen a version of Fargo and/or A Simple Plan with a heavier touch of Jerry Springer? The Death of Dick Long is that version and at 100 mostly enthralling minutes, it's my latest review.

    "Long", with its snapshot of small town life, its skewed Mayberry tones, and its cliche of mostly bumbling police officers, feels like something pretty disturbing. It also has kooky moments in it that might make you sort of chuckle. It's kinda like the Coen brothers concocting cinema on the fly during a rushed, weekend holiday.

    The actors in "Long" (Hyland mentioned earlier, Virginia Newcomb, Michael Abbott Jr.) are unknown but they do a decent job and are for looks sake, decently cast. Abbott Jr. looks like a cross between Michael Sheen and Steve Zahn while Newcomb gives off that old school, Sissy Spacek vibe.

    Referencing Pulp Fiction, taking place in Alabama, and featuring a married couple named Dick and Jane (I'm not kidding), The Death of Dick Long is about three drunk buddies who take on a hard night of partying. After one of said buddies dies, the other two vow to cover it up while trying to evade the slow poke, Bama po-po.

    Bottom line: The Death of Dick Long has characters in it that you follow incessantly despite their high level of befuddle-ness and their high level of being addled. Their Southern fried journey and their trashy white ambivalence is more overwhelming than the film's ultimate destination. Rating: 3 stars.
  • I've seen 1,000's of films over the years, encompassing every type of genre (e.g., comedy, drama, horror, etc.). This film is labeled a dark comedy, it isn't. First, the movie isn't suspenseful. Second, it has only a few funny moments. Three, the pacing is disjointed, which is annoying as the movie isn't long by today's standards.

    Three buddies get together, one dies, and it goes from there.

    This movie isn't worth watching, even on a Sunday evening when there is nothing to do.
  • colinwohlrab30 January 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Either have the horse sex stuff in the first 10 minutes or not at all. Do not put it at the halfway point of the movie like it's some kind of spiritual revelation. If the movie had been doing its job the introduction of the hidden plot in the middle of the movie wouldn't have resulted in such a waste of the ENTIRE movie. Just awful how they spend half the time making fun of the characters and the other half "allowing" us opportunities to sympathize with the exact same characters they just made fun of. The only thing this movie has was the style of being a low budget movie but one done with that being the intentional style (how many other movies can you think of where the characters drive down an ordinary shopping and restaurant street with fast food and grocery stores anywhere that is not Los Angeles?) but it looses itself trying to take itself too seriously. It's a movie about having sex with horses. Maybe the director and writer needed to get off their high horse and realize you can't make decent art out of trash, otherwise you are just tricking people. Not fun
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Two slackers trying to cover up the death of a buddy. everything goes wrong. sometimes in life things just cannot be explained. when zeke's wife calls him a coward, she's wrong. but not in the usual way. it's not a great movie, but you certainly will not see what's coming. unusual these days. daniel scheinert, the director/ writer, has a great movie in him.
  • If you can laugh at the tragic human condition, especially the human condition of degenerate hillbillies, then perhaps you can hold down the bile and revulsion when the big "reveal" unfolds. (Actually, there is zero footage of the situation leading to Dick Long's death, so you'll be using your imagination). The acting in this strange film is superb across the board, so kudos to the cast and director for that. The cinematography is well done. Good production values throughout. As to why anybody would feel compelled to make a film about this particular subject matter, well, that's a question for psychiatrists (or perhaps an exorcist). Devote Christians, you've been warned...
  • Gordon-1113 November 2019
    This film tells the story of two friends, who has to face the consequences of their wild night out.

    The scene is set pretty quickly, and the complicated situation faced by the two main characters are very well portrayed. The story is dark, but the tone of the film is light. The film is funny, but not disrespectful of Dick Long. It is quite a surprising for me to like a dark comedy, and I liked it.
  • Sage-Hyuuga1 November 2019
    Sixteen minutes in I already knew how Dick Long died. If you watched that "Mr. Hands" video then there would be no twist. Acting was pleasant though.

    I definitely regret watching this movie and remembering that unpleasant video.
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