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  • These fanciful vignettes display the rather rigid format of Stills & Mills' "Mommy's Girl" content in an entertaining light, though one wonders how long they can carry on in what has gotten old in a hurry.

    Title scene has MILF Alexis Fawx embracing nudism and a New Age approach that comes as a shock to her kid Dillion Harper, and the show is made engrossing by Dillion's convincing resistance, though of course giving in to the inevitable Sapphic sex with its intended incestuous overtones.

    Main gimmick of this material is the repeated use of the word "Mommy" in the improvised dialog, giving rise to the loose but misleading categorization of this porn as "family role-playing". It is actually sex workers, who back in the day were called actresses, asked to role play for a scene rather than merely conduct themselves in the industry's gonzo fashion. So Stills & Mills fall short in even trying to create believable characters.

    An effective role-reversal is achieved in the final vignette wherein Brandi Love gives her kid Bella Rose (an unfamiliar newcomer) a birthday present of a video camera. Rose turns the tables by insisting on photographing her beautiful stepmom and ends up seducing her in the process.