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  • Another really dumb concept from pornographer Lizzy Borden (though not in the stupidity league of her all-time loser "Rubber", this awful DVD consists merely of solos of gals taking a shower and masturbating therein. That's all she wrote.

    So it is sort of an answer film to those Stroker videos, ranging from the boys beating off for Playgirl TV (preserved on DVD compilations released by Wicked Pictures) or the innumerable transsexual stroker epics featuring well-hung trans-females jerking off in closeup.

    The ladies are an attractive cross-section of young talent of the time, ranging from superstar Brooklyn Lee to Lesbian icons Shyla Jennings and Georgia Jones. Borden cannot resist throwing herself into the mix, and her big fake tits, overly made-up face (even in the shower as she keeps her head from getting wet) and clear over-the-hill look are merely embarrassing.