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  • Infidelity is likely the most frequently used basis for an Adult Movie plot, but Roy Karch's attempt to enact a twist on the subject falls miserably flat. This poorly constructed Adam & Eve release, missing from IMDb for 16 years till I added it this week, holds little interest.

    It's about a neglected wife played by Inari Vachs and her philandering husband. In order to have a switcheroo near the end of the feature, Karch stretches credibility out of whack, making the whole trivial show unbelievable.

    Key supporting role has Elizabeth X as Inari's BFF with her loyalty a key issue here. But aside from the dependable sex scenes featuring the two ladies, the rest of the movie is extraneous sex scenes tossed in stupidly. At one point, with continuity sacrificed, Karch suddenly has Inari and hubby Kyle Stone in bed together after already seemingly split, discussing out of nowhere why there is a couple outside making love. Stone tells some silly story about it, just so we can see big-dicked Brett Rockman hump voluptuous Justine Romee at night by the firepit - with no relationship to what's gone before.

    Kristal Summers brings her big breasts to the exercise, another unexplained character who is apparently the couple's roommate. It is indicated in the BTS short subject that director Karch directed a softcore version of the movie for cable use as well, and the script shortcomings and inconsistencies must be even more annoying in that cut, given the absence of hardcore porn footage to distract the viewer.