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  • A film which is relatable to all the bengali parents and their children. This film perfectly shows the points of both the parent and the children. A well-acted film with equally good screenplay,soundtrack and direction; If you are searching for a good bengali movie, go for it.
  • Even though stereotype at parts this movie is a good attempt and succeeds quite well. Performance is good by the lead actors. Decent direction as well. Worth once watching
  • The movie is highly relatable as we bengalis are always concerned with our child's education and upbringing. The character Apu is the very epitome of all the bengali kids who wants to live the life but is forced to be a perfect and disciplined child. The role of the overprotective mother has been the best part of the film as I can easily recount my own mother scolding me for getting average marks. Durga is the deppressed kid whose parents are busy with their own life, giving little importance to their daughter. Still she manages to be there for her brother, when needed. The bonding of their relationship is just beautiful. If you are a bengali you'll love this film.
  • I actually loved it. At least hope that parents will be watching this film. They can learn a thing or two.🙂
  • I am not a fan of Mainak but this movie is really a pleasant experience to watch. Despite few small "buts" the overall attempt is good and this movie keeps you glued to the screen throughout. The performances of everybody is good. Although Durga's character could have been a bit more impacting. I liked the background score also.
  • simantadatta-7281822 February 2019
    The storyline is very agenda driven, average .. pop music formula. The movie is a production of stereotypical urban life and not a true creation. The most irritating character is 'Durga', who seems to be living in some utopian world has some "first world problems" with her parents, confused.. and the actress has constantly overacted in the entire movie. The background score and music is also very much formula driven... the screenplay and acting (by everyone other than Durga) makes the movie watchable, but the director, producer and writer needs to come out of the formula to make this a truly original movie.