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  • This movie just came on amazon and so got to see it. I must say plot of was good but screenplay and direction has just ruined the film. It is high time for Punjabi film makers to upgrade their craft this film just lacked exactly that. The comedy was below average, editing made the pace of film too slow. I must say this must be baddest acting of karmjit anmol i have seen. Only good acting came from lead actress kavita kaushik. The scenes are too long some really unnecessary and avoidable. The end sequence lacked the drama.
  • Karamjit anmol carried the entire film in my opinion serious part at the end I personally think wasn't needed.Sardar Sohi was also kinda carried the film with karamjit anmol.
  • Overall movie runs at nice pace. First half has nice comedy while second half is a bit serious which includes climax.