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  • INTRODUCTION: Far Cry 5 was one of my top video games of 2018. The gameplay, beautiful open world, music were all great. When it was announced at the Game Awards 2018 that a spin-off of Far Cry 5 called "New Dawn" was coming out, I was really excited to play it and continue the story (especially after that cliffhanger ending). Now that New Dawn is out and have finished the main story, here are my thoughts on it.

    STORY: Even though the main story is short, I still enjoyed it. I was glad see some of my favorite characters from Far Cry 5 return (Joseph Seed, the Rye family, Father Jerome, etc.). I also liked the antagonists, Mickey and Lou (Leaders of a raider gang known as The Highwaymen). The main story was pretty short but I enjoyed it.

    GAMEPLAY: Gameplay is mostly the same as Far Cry 5 but with some changes. Some of the changes, I'm on the fence about, mainly the fact that enemies are now bullet sponges and you have to craft new, more powerful weapons as you progress (which can be a bit grindy when finding materials to craft weapons and upgrade them).

    MUSICAL SCORE: The soundtrack for Far Cry 5, composed by Dan Romer, was one of my favorites of 2018 with a bluegrass sound to some of the tracks. With Far Cry New Dawn, the game's score has a more Electronic/Hip-Hop/Electronic-Rock style to it. The music fits the tone of the game well and sounds very epic, especially when engaging in combat with enemies.

    CONCLUSION: Far Cry New Dawn is an enjoyable expansion to one of my favorite video games of last year. While it wasn't as great as Far Cry 5, I still enjoyed it a lot and I'm curious to see where Far Cry will go in future installments.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This has to be almost one of the worst Far Cry games I have played, the problem with it is that it was rushed, most Far Cry games take at least 2 years to release, like Far Cry 3 in 2012, Far Cry 4 in 2014, Far Cry Primal in 2016, and Far Cry 5 in 2018, but this game took 11 months to be released! which made it terrible, characters were not memorable, the villains yet again were forgettable, I like the idea of twins being the leaders, but these girls were just not planned right, they never really did anything except raid you once, kidnap some kids, kill Rush, and burn down New Eden, and plus the missions were very quick, you were able to forget old characters like Pastor Jerome and Grace Armstrong were there, the map was smaller and I was excepting to be able to find a lot of old places that I went to in Far Cry 5 but there were not many, and there weren't any good costumes, they don't really matter but I thought I would bring it up, in this game there is not anything good you can wear, there is some Highwaymen clothing, a Knight armour, etc...but the last game had things like masks, costumes of different characters, and everything, but this game had nothing like that except for a few things, but do you know what the worst thing was? Joseph Seed, he was a great villain, not funny, but like that bartender that doesn't talk and seems like he is staring into your soul kind of creepiness well he never really showed up in this game, he showed up once, and then at the end of the game where he was either shot or just sitting there for the rest of his life yelling "RELEASE ME!" and of course I gotta say the good things, the expeditions were good, being able to go to different places in the USA and raid places the Highwaymen took over, and also the introduction of the saw launcher was good, being able to bounce off the walls to get to enemies, aside from that...the game was s***
  • guthanos-2643514 August 2019
    Like all Far Cry games, it's a bunch of fun. It re-uses a lot of elements from previous far cry games, especially Far Cry 5 seen as it is somewhat of an expansion, however it does introduce a handful of fresh elements to the world and it's combat. You can now pick up and throw shields, go on fun expeditions to different locations with your friends and explore a colourful and interesting open word that's amazing to look at.

    However the ridiculously unrealistic bullet-sponge enemies, uninteresting story, bad villains and repetitive missions drag the game down from a solid experience to the worst instalment in the franchise.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    FC New Dawn takes place some years after the ending of FC 5, where Joseph lives.

    The map is the 1/5 of the fifth game, the story is non-existent and is full of grinding and chores.

    If only it had an interesting story, it could be at least average. But even when you make County's post-apocalyptic world full of neon & fluorescent colors, if all villains are lame, down to the three final bosses, with the roaster's side missions being far more interesting than the main story, then you have a game below average.

    And now that I've completed my Farcryothon, I can now do this:

    FC 2 < FC - New Dawn < FC 4 < FC < FC Primal < FC 3 < FC 5
  • catpantry16 February 2020
    Are show playing catch (i believe this is correct) with a glass basketball until one of them would admit she was too tired to go on. Waiting outside a door, l8ter in the game, a woman waits at a closed door holding an iron sphere. When the two groups joind up l8ter, the gal with the iron sphere would not play catch with the glass basketball because she didn't want to toich it.
  • First Farcry 5 is the best graphics game to date- bar none. A weapon is a Weapon in farcry 3 -4-5. Not in New dawn, this is where they ruined the game. Now they thought it would be a good idea to have weapon leveling= FACE FRIGGEN PALM,

    There is no such thing! Only in comic book games.

    So there is 3 levels of pistols Of the same caliber, Shot guns, ........ SO the game went from rather serious in 3-4-5 , to Just WTF in new dawn.

    With that being said , the game is not bad once you understand there is enemys with plastic Motocross armour that will stop a bullet even a 50 Cal sniper round!

    AGAIN what idiot thought this would be good in such a loved series?

    It could have been much better, requiring you to use Melee take downs more and where do they get all this AMMO= FACEPALM!
  • P9721 February 2019
    This could have been a nice expansion to far cry 5 but no, bloody ubisoft made it a full stand alone game and it really isn't worth playin' it's a rage 2 ripped off, downgrade, reskined version of fc 5 and that game wasn't even that great.

    the story and characters are bland and uninteresting, the action and gameplay are half good but you don't really care about what's happening to the plot because it's very generic and short.

    the only nice things i can say about this game is the graphics and the gameplay but then again this game didn't even need to be an rpg, much like ac odyssey and it's annoying.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Enjoyable and fun. Riding around post-apocalyptic Hope County is both beautiful and scary. The game has a Mad Max feel to it, set in a familiar world of Far Cry and Montana as we remember it. And I think I know what happened to The Deputy... Enjoy!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Best Graphics game, the best stages, the best music in the game, the best character of the game is not to be said to be God only in a word of this game.
  • I had heard pretty bad things about the game but I still decided to buy it. At first I was pretty disappointed but the game does really get better. I really liked the later half of the game. The story is pretty damn good. I still think Far Cry 5 is better but not by much.
  • jarrettn523 February 2019
    First off, far cry is my favorite series I love all the games so this might be bias. That being said I throughly enjoyed this expansion for far cry 5. I personally enjoyed the story more than I did for far cry 5 I thought the 2 crazy sisters were very interesting. Of course there is always far cry glitches and things that are annoying but overall I really liked the game.
  • The thought process that went into new dawn. Revisiting all the places you have memories and emotion with. Old friends and comrades. Perfect post apocalyptic game play. The colors even really spoke to me. Real, pinks , blues and purples. I mean the game was absolutely, phenomenally done. Way worth the money. Story line was great. Good job as always ladies n gentlemen.
  • I haven't completed this game because after playing few hours many of the locations everything look like farcry 5. I am a huge fan of far cry 5 after playing of that game many time again same location same concept irritated me.