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  • I so wanted to love this series. I watched the Original Trek growing up and loved TNG and DS9. The series started out so slowly and in such a boring manor that it had me kind of worried. By this third Episode I am now reaching the point were I am not sure I want to watch anymore.

    The writing has been terrible in every episode and the acting and writing are particularly terrible in episode three. Even Sir Patrick handed in one of his worst performances to date. His character how now become the wiping boy for every female character in the show, and the once assertive Picard now walks around like a kid that has lost his puppy.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This episode is certainly better than the previous one, with the evil STD vibe being downplayed a lot. However still a few annoying things could ruin it. First of all that J.L. crap is beyond explanation, as well as Raffi vaping weed or something? Jeez, I thought these forms of entertainment didn't last much beyond the 21st century and in any case I'm sure the replicators would produce a better format than that! Second, the narrative tends to be very confusing with many new players and not very much clearing on the various subplots that opened in the previous ep. The introduction of captain Rios feels like Star Wars when Luke met Han for the first time, although the EMH was a nice touch, even though I don't get the decision to make it look exactly like Rios. Also many dialogues seem pretentious as hell and to be perfectly honest I never got into the Soji/Borg part which seemed indifferent, to put it mildly. Still, I consider the episode as an improvement and hope the next ones downplay the silly action even more and bring forward the Trek- related themes, but that's just wishful thinking from a Trekkie that has missed real Trek since the last episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After being introduced to the plot devices and the antagonist in the first two episodes we need a crew to do the thing and go places. And that's what we spend the whole of this episode on.

    Well at least for the first few crew members. But we have lots of episodes left to gather more people before we head off to do the thing and go places to save the girl who doesn't know she is special just yet.

    All in all this show is developing into a 10 hour long single episode TNG story. instead of being a two part episode of TNG.

    Oh, and how convenient to accept the doctor from episode one as a crew member that conveniently shoots a bad guy to save Picard while obviously having no combat training at all, just after she had a visit from the main antagonist.

  • zenmateisshite6 February 2020
    No, Gene Roddenberry Is absolutely NOT Turning In His Grave Some losers with nothing else to do are giving their opinion. Well a hater's gonna hate I guess. Its a decent departure from STD. The story is almost exactly like a multi-episode STNG or movie, with some interesting twists that do not violate the Star Trek timelines like STD does. It goes and explains the past 14 years in a decent way. If anything, is that its a bit dull, but that's ok, it will pick up.

    I really don't know what those spoiled so-called "fans" are expecting. Just complaining for the sake of complaining. Get a life. I'm sure this review will get a lot of dislikes Good, I like it when idiots dislike my reviews.
  • Again more stilted dialogue and choppy scenes.

    Direction seemed particularly weak in this episode but the episode was slightly more interested then the almost unwatchable 2nd episode.
  • nodlimax7 February 2020
    Vaping and Smoking in Star Trek? REALLY? Did the writers forget certain discussions that happened in older Star Trek shows regarding the topic of smoking? If you don't know what I mean look at the Star Trek DS9 episode "Little Green Men" as an example.

    The writing is still awful. The dialogues between the characters are just as fractured as the editing of the scenes. Every few seconds we jump to another location even during conversations in an attempt to force a narrative into this mess.

    And this show doesn't want you to think about what exactly is going on as you may actually discover what a disjointed mess this is.

    New characters are thrown on the screen without even providing context of who that is. A name is just casually mentioned and for viewers of the older shows it may "click", but for anyone without the background knowledge you will be completely lost.

    Oh and btw. - SUNGLASSES for a Starfleet officer? REALLY? Did the actress just forget to take them off before the scene was shot and the director said "*ignore* it, this is fine" or are the show runners intentionally *trampling* all over the franchise?

    One more thing - I absolutely DESPISE shaky cam. It doesn't improve any movie or TV show. The only reason it is used would be to hide shoddy action scenes. Obviously Hollywood will tell the viewers "*It's to make you feel as if you are part of the action." - that is PR BS and movie makers know it. Why do I bring this up? Guess what is used in the action scene of this episode...

    This episode should've been named the "Beginning of the End". If the next episode doesn't improve this show I'm done and gone...
  • muchobliged8 February 2020
    Most of the episode felt like the crew assembly part of a bad heist movie. All these new characters come of as hollywood clichés instead of actual characters. They're poorly set up and we have no reason to care about them. The dramatic scenes don't even feel like actual human interactions, it's like an A.I. threw together some stuff after being fed a bunch of badly written soap opera screenplays that never made it to the actual screen. Some of the acting is really terrible and over the top. A lot of small stuff doesn't make sense but is in there because the writers apparently thought 'that's how you write a cool scene'. What's with the incestuous vibe between the evil brother and sister? How original and edgy.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Do we really need loud music blaring...telling us how to feel...during EVERY conversation?

    Can't we just let the actors convey what's going on? It seemed to work on the next generation.

    Relying on special effects, whispers, and overly dramatic music, does not create suspense or intrigue. It creates another mediocre show, trying too hard to be cool.

    To summarize this episode...he got a ship. Yawn.
  • sbulgacs6 February 2020
    I've no idea what detractors are on about. There was virtually nothing to complain about in this episode. The pacing was good, the 45 minutes flew by. They gave Rafi and Picard a basic backstory and the return of a familiar face. The final scene where the crew set off on their journey was awesome. Some people have just got to hate.... Who needs that toxicity in their life?
  • After the wonderful first episode I'm sad to say but Star Trek Picard's plot has been dragging slowly and tediously.

    The second episode, which I didn't review, was basically Picard talking to a banch of different people throughout the entire episode. It had it's Soji/Narek and Narissa moments which I enjoyed and that was it.

    The third episode is the worst so far. Why? Because nothing new and interesting happens!

    It was once again Picard talking to people - Laris being cautious, Zhaban being helpful, meeting old Starfleet buddies, Romulans attacking...

    It was like a long and boring review of the last two episodes: we already know that Jean Luce is at odds with Starfleet and his old buddies; we already know that there is a conspiracy underway in Starfleet that has something to do with Romulans; we already know that Laris is against Jean Luce going onto this mission and that Zhaban is supportive; we already know that there is some mystery surrounding Soji and her sister Dahj and that Romulans are looking for them both to kill them or extract information or whatever; ect ect

    In the end I'm not saying it was a bad episode - Star Trek Picard is a great production with lovely sets and fantastic actors.

    But honestly though, don't drag the plot and make it into a tedious frustrating mess. Id rather have less episodes with more happening in them than more episodes with stredched out pointless non-action.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Once again we have a chosen one Mary Sue in the form of Sohj as "The Destroyer". It's DISCO season 2 and the "Red Angel" all over again. I don't think these writers understand the difference between sci-fi and fantasy. They also can't seem to figure out that cheap melodrama isn't the same as real drama that has been earned through good writing.

    Apparently, Earth still has absolutely NO security and random Romulan death squads can attack Picard. How dumb.

    Captain not-Han-Solo and the not-Millennium Falcon are about to take Obi-Jake Picard on a trip to save the princess... I mean, find Sohj. How uninspiring.

    Raffi has "concrete proof" of Tal Shiar involvement but never mentioned it to Picard or anyone else in 14 years? How convenient.

    So Starfleet participated in the plot to destroy Utopia Planitia in a "Bush did 9/11"-style conspiracy? How gross and completely un-Trek-like.

    This is NOT how you write a Star Trek story.
  • Whiny characters where Picard is more akin to Mister Rogers than Picard we have known.
  • daniewhite-110 February 2020
    Star Trek: Picard is developing very nicely; it accurately depicts the star trek franchise now; not the star trek in-universe but rather the star trek brand: old and fatigued.

    A brand that is over 50 years old altogether; with 'the next generation' incarnation at well over 30 years vintage itself.

    In Star Trek: Picard every last year of that associated weight is represented in a lumbering opening three episodes.

    I hope that there is a marked improvement as after 3 episodes there is nothing of star trek or sci-fi genre interest as yet evidenced for me.

    My curiosity to see the character Picard has been nullified to the point that I'm not interested to see how the writers reconstruct a character that they have laboured to deconstruct for over two hours of accumulated runtime by this stage of the series.

    Whatever the payoff for this laborious disordering of Picard's character I am increasingly unconvinced that I will feel it vindicates my viewing effort.
  • Another snoozer. Such a boring episode. Starts off good with some interesting things with the android lady...But at the same time it does, it also ruins it by throwing in two additional characters we know nothing about. One is some crazy psychic lady which is just stupid...cmon.. And the other guy? Your guess is as good as mine because they are not telling us anything are they,...After that its more exposition until the end of the show...yawn.. I really really tried to stay awake...And I have no problem with Discovery, But Picard...yawn
  • When your lead actor is almost 80 years old. The flashback scenes are never going to be too convincing. There is no getting away from Patrick Stewart's extremely hoarse voice.

    The first season of Picard is a 10 episode arc. It is left to the viewer to try to figure out the precise relationships between various people. Just who is Raffi and how horrible was Picard to her to leave her adrift.

    Picard was happy to put his career on the line to save millions of Romulans but he ignores his colleague who did the same. Raffi has spent her time living in a futuristic version of a trailer and vaping dope. It seems the Starfleet future is no paradise.

    This was another episode with clunky lines and some odd pauses between scenes. Something about the writing just does not seem to gel.

    Back at the dismantled Borg cube, there was the return of Hugh. I wonder if Hugh has guessed what Soji is all about.

    The introduction of Rios seems to be a homage to Star Wars. He certainly is Han Solo lite with the silliest scene of not being in pain despite a spike through his body. He even sends the Emergency Hologram Doctor away before being completely fixed by him.

    At least Picard has got on a ship and got to say engage. I just hope he is suspicious of Dr Jurati. Her convenient arrival when his chateau was attacked should had raised eyebrows.
  • AvidWatcher1017 February 2020
    If anyone is complaining about this series, I honestly do not know what they are about. It is everything. I am a fan from the debut of Star Trek OS. I was just a kid, but it shaped how I thought about people and progress and how life 'could' be. I loved it then, I love it now. I have not missed any forays into the world of Star Fleet since the beginning. Some were great, yes I am talking to you STNG, some not so great - I gave up on Discovery. With Picard - ST is back, and I am in love all over again - with a story, a world, a mystery, and some fantastic characters. And now we are off - Engage.
  • They left an actual outtake in the final episode. At 4:06 Raffi is startled by Picard talking. And they left it in, no second take needed.

    On the actual story telling: Introducing an old companion of Picard we the viewers have never seen before and have all these emotional scene just feels off because the show makers have not earned any of it.

    The stuff on the borg cube is a little more interesting in that it shows the potential issues people had being released from the collective. And the establishing shots in the cube are cool, if ripped off from First Contact.

    If only the writing could be as good. Even if some of the actors give a good performance (cptn Rios) it is all for not when they have to read lines written by people with the talent of a 5 year old.

    Finally the fight scenes are unwatchable. They use so much shaky cam that it becomes just a blurry mess.
  • pilotgav8 February 2020
    I had a dream that Picard was stuck in a time loop and we had to watch what could have taken half an episode take three episodes and provide no information we hadn't already gotten or even cared about ad nauseum.

    Please wake me if you can.
  • Another filthy language episode that you couldn't watch with your children unless you like them to hear this kind of language.

    Just keeps killing Star Trek over and over.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just get on with the story,ctoo much backdrop and buildup. Hugh makes an appearance and unless you know the actor it's as pointless as he was in TNG.

    Picard is fine, but the rest of the cast is just bland characters that you'd find in any bad SciFi trying to hype something that we know may not come to fruition fast enough!

    Get on with it already, three episodes of background is enough.
  • Whine, whine, whine... it's not Star's too Star Warsy... it's not TNG...BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Shut up!! Get a life!! Star Trek has always had much to say about the current conditions the world finds itself in. Picard is no different. For those of you who don't get it we are facing a mountain of fear, prejudice and entitlement. The governments want you to fear everything and give away your civil liberties in the name of security. Thank you Picard for holding up the mirror for society to see what is really going on. If you want endless action scenes that are pointless go watch the Avengers movies. Picard makes you think and reflect on where we are today. I thank the people who have put this show together. Bravo!
  • steve-667-1019012 February 2020
    What moron decided that "JL" was a good idea for characterisation? Dear God in heaven, this is crud. How embarrassing for Stewart to be involved in this travesty. Reviewers claiming to be long tome fans and then endorsing it are as fake as those Romulan ears. Three episodes is enough. I'm out. For those wondering about the swearing, did you watch the oscars? We have a generation of film makers and stars who's public persona is border line mental illness. They're filth. Gender fluid (whatever the hell that means) , narcissistic feminists and degenerates. The world will NEVER reach the potential earlier incarnations of Star Trek suggested. To me, this does not exist.
  • The episode was better than its predecessor, but that's not saying much.

    At this point, the "Picard" series has established its own identity: bad dialogue, mindless action sequences, writing that leaves much to desire, a concept that has been done by many other series and movies before, a dark and rather unnecessarily gritty atmosphere, the color 'blue' everywhere including lens-flares and after all, a very boring, unconvincing plot.

    This show is absolutely devoid of everything that made Star Trek great.
  • aspinn-387717 February 2020
    I thought it could not be as bad as episode 2 but i was wrong it was as bad had a job staying awake and was overjoyed when it finished, Patrick Stewart has only done this for the money.
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