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  • Understand that this review is for the average viewer. If you're a big One Piece fan, my rating may be too low for you. This whole thing is one big fan service. There was a lot of clapping in the theater I was at. The movie squeezes a TON of existing characters from the anime's extensive roster and manages to do so with a reasonable explanation of how they're gathered all in one place. You also get a ton of fighting.

    But putting the fan service aside, I can't say this is a perfect movie. The last two One Piece movies, Z and Gold, were really good. (The former's strength is in it's plot and the latter is in showmanship and worldbuilding.) In fact, I think they're some of the best anime films based on TV shows. (A lot of these films feel like uneventful filler.) In regards to story and execution, I don't think this compares to them.

    The thing about this movie is that there are so many players in this that it is mostly just showing the characters and action. The plot is thin. Some of the main characters from the show really don't get to do much. It doesn't help that the secondary villain is rather extraneous.

    Of course, some may only be interested in the action. The movie is jam-packed with it but there are so many character move sets that you don't get much time to focus on any of it.

    On the plus side, the villain, who is basically a mountain of muscle, is a pretty good threat. There's also a visual design that I can't go into detail but looks really, really good. Plot-wise there are a couple strong emotional moments.

    If you haven't seen the show before, this isn't the best jumping in point. I think they explain enough so that you understand the general story, but all the character appearances will probably leave you lost.

    As a movie in general, I don't think it's bad, just okay. I may see it again some point when I want some light watching. But as mentioned, if you love OP, you'll probably want to see this soon because it doesn't disappoint when showing you stuff you already like.
  • nahshon-1385213 August 2019
    Awesome movie definitely the best One Piece movie out there
  • Honestly what did you expect from them to do in the 20th anniversary ? they blow everyone's mind , 10/10 !! love it .
  • Best one piece movie ever We have many characters in this film We have a big fun with one piece stampede
  • hiruko-7477012 August 2019
    The best one piece movie full of action scenes and I had a lot of fun
  • The movie is just insane. I recommend this to all anime and One Piece fans every where. You won't be disappointed
  • gk-hassan6 September 2019
    If you are one piece fan, you better watch it. There are many interesting things 100% you love it.
  • xprosuper17 August 2019
    10/10 !! Oda and Toei did something truly amazing , love it .
  • As the 20th anniversary movie for One Piece, this was for the fans, and as a fan, I absolutely loved it. The sheer amount of characters, callbacks and references makes Stampede one of if not the best One Piece movie out there. I have always found that the One Piece movies were usually lacking, probably because it is out of continuity and logistically it just creates a lot of problems, but in any case, this film just worked; from start to finish, wall to wall action and guest appearances, a salivating must watch for fans of One Piece.
  • I'm a fan myself, but, there're a couple of "buts" that makes it imperfect, the villain lack charisma, he just show up without any proper introduction that would mask his evil agenda. He just show up and goes like "hey guys, look at me, the demon heir, I'm very damn strong ya'll. Brain? Scheme? Tactics? who needs that? I'm brawnier than all of you combined." Such a not-well-developed, well-forgotten character for an ex-member of the once known as the world's most powerful and the most dangerous pirate crew for me. Visually, I can't help but almost got a sore eyes by the end of the film, maybe it's just me sitting too close to the screen, or maybe the screen just to big, or maybe it's really the case that sometimes, in some of the scenes, the characters and the backgrounds seem disconnected to my eyes to the point that it almost looks like a motion comics you watch in youtube. Actions? just enjoy it, the animation and choreography is far better than in the tv anime series, but still I can easily address some size/scale inconsistencies. Can't wait for another One Piece projects by Goda-sensei, IKUZOOO!!!!!
  • This is Luffy!!! The fifth emperor The guard of honour for Luffy By the new era's pirates And also the alliance with navi Warlords, pirates, revolutionary army!!! Offffffffffffff Awesome The king is here And I think smoker will be the next admiral
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Best one piece movie ever Really touching Full of memories
  • tgprolly20 September 2019
    Adventure 10 Action 10 Drama 10 Story 10 Plot 10 Luffy's Plot Armor 100
  • xovarylavaara3 September 2019
    Every second on the screen is fun, everything gets you excited for the next scene.Amazing characters. Amazing plot. Everything combines into a fantastic fun movie.
  • csagenbola20 September 2019
    I love this anime all perfect i rate 10/10 oda must make other movie like this
  • caroluskelvin1019 September 2019
    Marvelous !!! Just amazing experience to watch the movie .... for all of you one piece lovers ... this film is a MUST !!! Watch it at the cinema, you won't regret it !!
  • ppcguru16 September 2019
    I am an avid one-piece fan but even I was blown away by how good the movie was. Every second was pure fun and this is hands-down my favourite movie of all time. Mind-blowing.
  • If you are one piece fans, this is a must watch movie.
  • The best One Piece movie so far. The animation is amazing and even better than Film Z. It surpassed Dragon Ball Super Broly in Japan at least. If they start to work on Canon Movies then that will be even better. Supernovas are the best thing about this movie !
  • The best movie of One Piece only Movie Z and Strong World. Except 2 of that is suck.

    This movie is looks too in a hurry.. Supernova look like a piece of noobz pirate.. They made the main villain look too OP but he's not.
  • For its charactor, it should have 11 stars.Due to that,some part are too quickily that I couldn't completely feel the excited and amazed. A little action is weird I couldn't understand. The exist doesn't act normal. It isn't just failure and then win.Altough all we know he will lose first , he still have a little hope that he could hurt the bad guy. That makes the win possible. This movie is different with Conan. It isn't just for fans.It prefer to everybody who like hot blood anime.Come to watch the movie
  • If you like to feel the most powerful 4dx effect, this movie will not let you disappointed! And so happy to saw every signature characters were in this Stampede! For a onepiece fan, I'm really like it! No 20th anniversary didn't let us disappointed.
  • This is the ultimate movie for one piece fans!

    Awesome story line, action-packed with a little roller coaster ride down the memory lane,, full of unexpected characters team-ups which is surprisingly good! and it is SUPERRRRRR COOL & HILARIOUS (say it in Franky style)

    and yeah the last scene makes me sobbing.

    that's it.

  • As an One Piece fan for years, I'm grateful for this movie. It is been a while since we have this kind of One Piece movie. At the same time I am dissappointed because of the quality of the arts. At some scenes, I cant even see Luffy's face. But I like the story plot.

    If you are an One Piece fan or anime fan or movie fan or a human being, watch this!
  • Firstly, let me start by stating that I am a dedicated One Piece fan and have been watching since 2004. Almost every week on Sundays at 12pm, I await a newly released One Piece episode. " One Piece, what can I say? It has become a part of my life, wait no, One Piece is my life. It is the most beautiful thing mankind has ever created. Watching the characters grow and develop and go through countless hardships and struggles. It becomes a part of your life.

    As One Piece's 20th Anniversary, releasing "One Piece: Stampede" was everything I could've asked for. The action scenes were absolutely awe-inspiring and you can see the hardwork and dedication spent in polishing and improving the animation. There were many moments in the film which I was left breathless and couldn't believe what I was even witnessing.

    Thank you, Oda and the One Piece production team for creating so many amazing memories which I know I will hold on to for the rest of my life.

    A must see TV-show and movie before you die...
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