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  • This lost-in-the-shuffle Bluebird Films release follows owner Paul Chaplin's "Glambyrds" formula: fill the screen with femme talent, and shoot any old stuff with them humping away lesbo-style.

    One of his profligate notions is on view here, namely padding the cast roster and filling up edges of the frame by having NonSex actresses fondle each other as a backdrop to the femme artistes going at it full-XXX fashion in the foreground. The five scenes are perfunctory, with a crummy set and crummy costumes for a vignette promisingly titled "Cave Girl", but just standard porn. Similarly "Victorian" has girls wearing vaguely period costumes, merely resembling second-hand garb found in some Soho shop.

    Some very big names mingle with the busty obscuro Brit Porn talent, but to nil effect.