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  • Menteur, internationally known as Compulsuve Liar, is a highly entertaining comedy movie featuring many famous actors and comedians from Quebec. The story revolves around compulsive liar Simon whose lies become reality one day and teach him that facing and telling the truth is important in life.

    Not every gag works out and the opening sequences feel slightly rushed but about twenty minutes into the movie, things start getting truly hilarious. My personal highlight of the movie was Simon's boss played by a hilarious Geneviève Schmidt who changed from being strict, organized and influential to a confused drunkard overnight.

    Menteur is hilarious entertainment for the whole family and a wonderful introduction to Quebec's comedy culture. In addition to this, the movie even presents valuable life lessons in a light-hearted way. Menteur isn't memorable enough for becoming movie of the year but certainly worth to be checked out at your local cinema.
  • "Menteur" ("Compulsive Liar") is a hilarious romp that will you have you rolling in the aisles.

    In this Québecois comedy, a compulsive liar must learn to tell the truth when his falsities turn into reality.

    Overall, "Menteur" really delivers from its opening moments until the end. Louis-José Houde is a firecracker and delivers an unforgettable performance. Antoine Bertrand is delivers a solid comedic performance out of his comfort zone. A two-hour, over-the-top laugh fest that you will be thinking of long after the credits roll. I really enjoyed this comedy.

    Go see it.
  • This story is awesome! The idea is super funny ...

    A compulsive liar has all of his lies come true. To fix all of this will be "difficult" but so funny!

    Great casting of great funny actors!!!

    One of my favorite comedy.

    Worth watching (In original language "french" if possible)