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  • tabreen-1938523 February 2020
    Good combination of all the this drama... totally give much Time for this emotionally it!!!
  • I love this line so, so very much. It's just precious in my opinion and this story is just so amazing. I loved every minute! The actors all did a great job and kept me watching. This is one show I didn't ever use the skip button on. I found the story really interesting and am currently reading the book. That was the most exciting thing for me that this show was based on the book which is based on the authors life. I love that! I loved her story so very much. I found our main characters so relate-able. I understood why they were the way they were and how they attracted each other. It's just a beautiful show and a must watch in my opinion. Definitely on my favorite tv shows list. I will watch it again. This show has a special place in my heart.
  • reetritul19 November 2020
    I have had a lot of experience in c- dramas, but this one is a masterpiece. It's story is pretty good but the real part is how they potray it and the actors, wow! Wu qian (Janice wu) and Zhang Yujian have a great chemistry and so do Ma li and Eden Zhao. The bond between the siblings is also beautiful. The rest actors are also awesome. Let's just say this drama is the reason I fell in love with chinese dramas.
  • klara-persson10 September 2020
    Ok. Wow. So...I could write a bit about the unevenness of Chinese dramas. (I am still primarily a K-drama enthusiast). But I'm not going to. This is not an uneven drama at all. It's heavy and light and beautiful and ugly. It's funny and heartwarming and lovely. It's sad and dusted with anxiety and Loss. It's filled with every emotion connected to new love, love lost and love rekindled. This drama touches deep down but keeps the pace and the essence at the same time. This drama is not at all action filled but a beautifully told story about young love, mature love and the life that happens when years pass by. It lets you care for, not only the lead couple, but also for the supporting roles in a remarkable and unusual way. With this lovely and talented cast The writers managed to tell a story Sprinkled with not only intrigue and humor but also with important questions and factors in today's society such as domestic violence, Strong female role models, the value of the female sex, divorce and the view of the single woman raising a child on her own. Though these markers weren't the main storyline per se it's always refreshing and uplifting to come across these more, perhaps, provocative perspectives on social structures in Asian dramas. Because I am me, and this is how I do things in life, I've binged it and it was a lot of hours, but so very worth it.