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  • This specialized BDSM release is seemingly all about pegging, as four very attractive actresses, clad in fetish gear, take the role of dominatrixes wearing huge strap-on dildos, all the better to ravish the posteriors of four simpering males. It's hardly mainstream porn entertainment, but clearly kinky enough to attract an audience.

    Though lasting only a few seconds, the key scene for me was Chanel Preston deep fisting an unknown masochist named Mercelo, just to warm him up for extreme penetration from her outsized dildo. She, like all the other femmes, dishes out nasty talk to the sub (or more accurately poor schlub) and mechanically services him in definitely anti-erotic fashion.

    That's because this is not about arousing sex presentation but rather falls into the popular gross-out genre, as professional sex workers prove to the viewer that they can do things the average person can't. There's no disclaimer of "Don't try this at home", but surely this DVD needs one, as physical damage can be expected from civilians performing this "large objects stuffed in the rectum" activities.

    For the uninitiated, the femmes never disrobe and only dish it out, so there is no conventional intercourse depicted, and the only oral sex is the guys trying to deep throat those dildos. For titillation purposes, some mild CBT is inlcuded, mainly Chanel tying up Merclo's cock with rope and also slapping his dick around a bit.