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  • akifozen16 May 2020
    Great acting performances, especially by Burçin Terzioglu...
  • I watched this film and finished 5 minutes ago. It was very good above and belove. When i look other Turkish mistery films it was quite similar with each other but this film is different from the others. I have 9/10 because sometimes it made me feel like i watch the Shining movie. But totally it has really good scenerio, acting and visuality and I can only say that about the film: IT IS NOT LIKE YOU THINK, just wait until the end :)
  • Was very similar to typical big old house American horror movies but in many ways , was much betterü, the acting, the story, the surprises etc. Especially Burçin Terzioglu as Nisan was great. I recommend.
  • AhmedAshraf9129 May 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    I enjoyed this movie but i didn't like how Nissan still alive after she stabbed many times and also how the Police officer also still alive after two hits with big Axe
  • There was a common thread. No unnecessary subplots. The acting was very good, especially from Burcin terzioglu. Better than the other turkish horror movies with demons or something like that...
  • While watching this film sometimes I forgot this was a Turkish movie. It is one of the best Turkish thrillers. Ofc, there are flaws.. we want to see more films like this one.
  • gizem_dundar19 May 2020
    Final twist was a bit forced to be honest, felt like an overkill. Other than that, it's watchable.
  • It is a unique type of horror/thriller type of movie that not includes religious base elements in the Turkish Film Industry. The movie is not perfect but its difference between Turkish horror/thriller movies and it makes me happy and increases my point.

    It is obvious that the acting skill of Burçin Terzioglu is excellent and it is the best thing in the movie. Other actors have also good acting scenes but overall they can not be compared with Burçin Terzioglu.

    Some disconnections in the screenplay decrease my appreciation at the end of the movie. I think also the polices' (Serkan Keskin) attitudes and decisions are generally incompatible.

    Overall the movie is not perfect when compared with global horror/thriller type productions but if you like horror/thriller type of movies and you want to watch Turkish movie, it is a good option for you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie starts very well. But it can not achieve the same success until the end. Especially they talk nonsense out in the final to burn the house. Especially they talk nonsense out in the final to burn the house. The man with an ax on his stomach, the stabbed woman are walking out of the house. What is the need? Why are you walking? Just call the ambulance.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It was a very promising movie. I was actually hating while watching till the last 20-30 minutes. Because I have sickened this dark green light, suddenly closed doors and scratch sounds. I hated movie because of these. But i don't know these were supposed to happen that way because that was all delusions. There were some clues in the movie about ending. Melisa senolsun as old headed naive girl wasn't really a convincing acting. And when hilal was murdered by nisan, özgür was really cold-blooded. I was thinking this was all bad acting but plot twist turned out well. I only liked the ending. I don't know özgür and hilal's bad acting done by purpose( i think it shouldn't happening). These were the things that i didn't liked in the movie. But i liked the plot twist because it was really promising for a Turkish movie. Was not original i agree , but it was pretty promising and good development. But movie should really work on with atmosphere. We should get rid of it that old headed, cliche horror scenes.
  • Movie was very great with lots of thriller-horror scenes and so shocking plottwist ! Why so many haters:(
  • A movie is about a old painter who is very popular in City. Once he died his daughter come to his house and investigate this mysterious death of her father. I highy recommenned to watch.
  • Hollywood has made many of the same films. Technically, the movie is good. But it can't be convincing when it's a Turkish movie.
  • mbugraarslan9 July 2020
    It was the best i've ever seen a very high-quality Turkish horror movie. I recommend it to everyone
  • I just started to watch it without any expactations, it was just a random selection in my netflix account... It turned to a jumpscare movie with realy good actors as well as a lot of suprises. The story is very untypical for turkish horror movies and that's what make it more interesting. In general the most turkish horror movies are deeply connected with religion, some curse and there are always a lot of disgusting pictures in your head, sometimes I can't even watch a trailer...

    Good Job Burcin Terzioglu and all who were in charge, it is a stunning story!
  • When movie starts, if you dont know movie's name or where the movie was record, it seems like a foreign movie like American or European horror movie. Its what i mostly liked feature of movie. It contains plot twists and it surprises you so it doesnt has straightforward scenerio and its the second feature which i liked. It definitely deserves being watched. And of course it has not contain religious materials; on the contrary to almost all Turkish Horror movies are so.
  • I was thinking this movie will be related about religious stuff but definetly I got surprised. It was out of bounds of Turkish movies. I'm glad finally there is a new perspective to definition of horror. It would be an great movie if graphics are good. My suggestion is don't concrete on visualization, just focus to acting and the topic.
  • It's probably the only Turkish horror movie I've ever seen. Luckily, I opened with such a beautiful film. Some horror movies are stale like cake. These films fail to scare you, and with their extremely violent scenes, it disrupts the psychology of the viewer. Some horror movies are delicious, like chocolate cake. For example, ring is such a production for me. This movie is like a lemon pie. It doesn't bother you with scenes of violence, it manages to scare you, it doesn't bother you. Recommend
  • I just watched it and in my opinion it's not a horror movie. I'm Turkish and still living in Turkey but I hate all Turkish horror movies actually. Soms of my friends suggested me this movie and they said that its not like a Turkish horror movie. That's why I watched this film. They were right it's not like general Turkish horror movies but on the other side it's like american thriller movies but there were a lot of bad things like effects and acting (just for some scenes)