According to Hallmark, Winter Love Story was filmed in the North Bay area in Ontario, Canada. It's a short drive or flight from Toronto or Ottawa, and its charming and "friendly and inviting" vibe make it an ideal destination for any romantic getaway.

Aired as the fourth of five original films in The Hallmark Channel's 2019 "Winterfest" lineup.

The second original film in The Hallmark Channel's 2019 "Winterfest" lineup to star Kevin McGarry after Winter Castle (2019).

Jen Lilley revealed on Home & Family that dog was supposed to be called Shakespeare, but as it was the pooch's first acting role, the script was rewritten - even as far as explaining how Bungee got his name for being so jumpy. Coincidentally, Jen childhood dog was also called Bungee, which her younger sister often pronounced in a French accent as she was such a big fan of Lumière in Beauty and the Beast. Whilst shooting WLS, Jen found it hard to say the dog's name without the accent.

During the TV interview, Cassie is asked to compare her book to "Eat, Pray, Love". Jen Lilley also starred in "Eat, Play, Love", another Hallmark movie.