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  • Great series. I admire Angel Locsin's acting prowess and the ensemble cast.
  • Please do not make Rhian end up with Franco , the storyline would be much better , If you at least get Ethan helping Rhian and Marcial as well, please Ethan always had Rhians back!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The series is Hollywood-quality. Storytelling and character building are amazing. Antagonists, (including anti-protagonist Jessi) were really interesting. How they made a parallel between Jessi and Ethan's "forced" love and Rhian and Franco's natural love. The series made sure to mold Santiago into a character who is no longer redeemable, which is why death is his best consequence. Had to give it a 9 though because it was still obvious that parts were rushed in the ending, such as how they so called "resolved" Rhian and Jessi's relationship.