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  • We are faced with an incredibly creative anthology of 18 different stories ranging from an immense variety of animation designs, cinematography, music-sound use, and transhumanism to cyber punk, from robotics to artificial intelligence, from the life of others to anti-militarism: Love, Death & Robots.

    It was obvious from the trailer that we would be watching interesting things, but I didn't expect that much. The taste of each episode remained in my palate. Death, Love & Robots show the end point of the animation. Cyberpunk, love, death, technology, apocalyptic, a variety of topics such as space is told. So each viewer can find something in the series. There were criticisms of sexism and violence, but I didn't encounter such a problem. Episode lengths range from six to seventeen minutes. Although it is a little short, you can understand the quality when you watch. 9/10
  • sarah_cze15 March 2019
    What a unique production! Netflix definitely got something (very) right here. In fact, I wish there would be more quality content like this.

    Every single episode is intriguing and spectacular; it can be very violent at times, funny and sad. The art is just breathtaking. Writing is on point.

    So far I liked "Sonnie's Edge", "The Witness" and "Beyond the Aquila Rift, "Good Hunting" and "Zima Blue" the best. More, please, Netflix!
  • Sublimely animated (NSFW) shorts... each with it's own unique and beautiful (& mature) story. Think game cinematic-Animatrix saga with hyper-realistic futurism/multi-dimensional concepts. Absolutely GORGEOUS. I enjoyed each immensely, and cannot wait to see more, hopefully becoming a mainstream format.
  • Honestly it just appeared on Netflix so I thought why not give it a try? and I am so happy I did. Every episode is so beautifully animated and the stories keep you interested from beginning to end! The most impressive and immersive thing Netflix has done in a little while, you aren't wasting you're time. believe me.
  • DennisTarr16 March 2019
    I seriously hope Netflix produces more shows of this quality. Great animation quality together with themes and stories for adults are pretty much non existent. Until now. This is really worth getting a subscription for. At lest for me it was.
  • Watched the complete series in one go!!! Could not stop watching!
  • BlockLike15 March 2019
    I am in awe of how truly great this is.

    On every level it impresses...

    Visuals, audio, script, acting, dialogue, atmosphere... It's got them all in spades!

    Just sit back and let the episodes draw you into their worlds.

    It is a work of art and should be celebrated.
  • mahmus13 May 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    The thing that all the episodes have in common is this: they are all very well animated. Other than that, the quality of these short episodes ranges from very good, to ok, to really bad. Here' a quick summary of each episode with ratings:

    1- Sonnie's Edge (7/10): Interesting world building, cool twist, great use of gore, avarege dialoge.

    2- Three Robots (3/10): Good animation, really bad jokes.

    3- The witness (7/10): great visual style, great concept and ending.

    4- Suits (4/7): amounts to 17 minutes of farmers fighting an army of monsters and gets boring really fast.

    5- Sucker of Souls (2/10): good animation, but some of the worst written dialogo I've ever heard. Yet another army of monsters.

    6- When the Yogurt Took Over (6/10): Refreshingly short and to the point in its satire.

    7-Beyond the Aquila Rift (8/10): Great concept and ending, good looking photorealistic animation.

    8- Good Hunting (8/10): Great animation. It takes its time with the story.

    9- The Dump (6/10): Simple story, good animation. It can be a little too gross at times.

    10- Shape Shifters (6/10): Interestig world building and concept.

    11- Helping Hand (5/10): It's just Gravity, but wih more gore.

    12- Fish Night (4/10): Surprisingly unengaging. Things happen, a character acts crazy for no reason and then it just sort of stops.

    13- Lucky 13 (7/10): Good, engaging story. Yet another alien army.

    14- Zima Blue (10/10): By far the best of them all. Good story, great art style and an actual amotional payoff.

    15- Blindspot (3/10): non-stop action that gets very boring very quickly. Annoying characters. Cop-out ending.

    16- Ice Age (6/10): The live-action is a welcome change of pace. The concept is intereating, if not every original (Simpsons did it). The ending feels way to abrubt.

    17- Alternate Histories (5/10): Its concept get old pretty fast and the jokes obly really made chuckle a little.

    16- The Secret War (5/10): At first I thought this one was going to be special. It look atmospheric, it took its time to create suspense and develope the story. Then it was just another giant army of monsters with a ridiculously abrubts ending.

    Over all, a mixed bag. Good animation, poor writing, Zime Blue was awesome, too many monster armies.
  • hirazvan15 March 2019
    Once you start watching, you can't stop until it's over
  • Never saw the trailer. Just saw it while browsing netflix, didn't knew what to expect. But the first episode just blew my mind. So awesome. It was like watching watching a video game. The episodes are small but so good. No nonsense. Superb !!!
  • Bless you, Netflix, for giving us this.

    Bless you.
  • Spectacular audio and animation violent,sad,funny good stories.Netflix did a good job,did something that most people do not expept to see.I want more content like that please Netflix.
  • Love, Death & Robots is an anthology of animated science-fiction shorts. A few stories use live actors but heavy use of animation in the whole. Most of the animation is CG-- some might be hand-drawn or might be really well stylized CG, I'm not sure.

    The animation itself is stunning. This is next-gen. There are a wide variety of styles on display, but it's all great, as good as anything I've ever seen, and that's including the old masters. I mess about with 3D modelling, and the CG stuff is really breathtaking in the detail and in the bridge between style and realism. These are people who know their art.

    The stories themselves are very, very similar to those that you'd find in the old days in Heavy Metal-- the movie or the magazine. That means gratuitous sex, gratuitous violence; it means a certain aesthetic, focused on science-fiction-cool; it means cleverness, occasional humor, and plenty of weirdness. I wouldn't have expected good stories from a movie like this, yet LDR mostly delivers on that front: its narratives are well paced and enjoyable.

    Maybe its main weakness-- assuming gratuitous sex and violence doesn't turn you off- is its character writing. The characters may be modelled and animated nearly perfectly, but as characters they're still pretty two-dimensional. But I'm not sure how much anyone could expect from an anthology series on this front, and poor characterization is pretty much the rule in this genre.

    If you're a fan of science fiction or animation, and the sex and violence doesn't turn you off-- really, it's just there for its own sake, although some of us think that's fine-- then I think LDR will blow you away.
  • farshidkarimi9 June 2019
    There are 2 or 3 episodes which I would say are good. However, the rest is predictable, too unrealistic.

    There is too much wanton sex and violence in some scenes. Just flashy, trying to seek attention.
  • Love, Death and Robots isn't for everyone. It's gratuitously violent, salacious to a fault, and not politically correct. And that's exactly what Hollywood needs to do more of. No, it doesn't need to make films that are violent, over-sexed or obscene (it's already doing that). It needs to stop making things 'for everybody.' LD&R is obviously going to offend or turn off some, but that's because it's not made for them. But for those who have been waiting for a true animated version of Heavy Metal Magazine, then this is for you. It's got cyberpunk, odd fiction, silly stories and all the sci-fi you could possibly want. What's more, each story is really well made (unlike some attempts to bring Heavy Metal to film). If you like short films, CG, sci-fi or Adult Swim, you're not going to want to miss Love, Death & Robots.
  • Anyone who grew up in the 90's should remember liquid Television. It gave us the original Aeon Flux and the first real HD animation. This is very reminiscent. The animation is great and even when it is not, it still fits the style. It should also be said that MTV Liquid Television was rated TV-14, this is very much deserving of its TV-MA rating.
  • danikap-787-9056037 May 2019
    Some of the episodes were alright, but most of them feel like they finish midway. The series is an interesting idea, but I believe the episodes should have been more than 10 minutes long on average, so you could have some sort of character development. The show tries to pull off a vibe like the prequel and sequel to the 10 minute story are left to be interpreted by the viewer, but only a few episodes successfully accomplish this task in a decent and open-minded way.
  • As with most things in life, to each their own. Nonetheless I felt a bit compelled to provide a slightly different point of view from the stream of 10's I'm seeing on IMDb so far.

    I see a lot of "now this is Art!" comments. To be clear, film (even when shown on television) has been recognized as Art for generations now. Granted, this particular series is generally well executed and presents visuals that are often stunning and unique - but let's not trip over ourselves trying to hold up Love, Death & Robots as some breakthrough for the medium. And as gorgeous as it is, it's not without some really obvious flaws. The uncanny valley is still very deep with this series.

    In terms of substance, this was nothing short of painful to watch. Completely predictable plot, utterly shallow dialogue, heavy handed cliches and extremely clumsy in its execution. The "twists" could be seen a mile away, and then any subsequent counter-twist felt tacked on as "gotchas" even though they were often transparent themselves. And the jokes suffered the exact same fate. Everything about the script felt like a first draft attempt.

    There was also a strangely tone-deaf nature to much of the subject matter as well. The series sets up strong themes of empowerment, diversity and responsibility, only to explore those themes through extremely childish, macho narrative devices and stereotypes. It's an adolescent boy's attempt at writing about deeper issues without any greater understanding of them. Highly (and needlessly) sexualized (women only), brutally violent (because violence = power of course), and unimaginatively crass and crude (because curse words are "brutal, and "real"). I've seen some reviews actually decrying the themes as "SJW" - but interestingly, I think if you look even a tiny bit below the surface, it's more likely the opposite.

    Yes, I've never seen anything quite like Love, Death & Robots before, but I still find it empty all the same. Plenty to see, nothing to take away.
  • Some episodes are good, some are ok, and some are very bad. Don't understand the hype this show is getting. It's ok but definitely not a masterpiece as some reviews say. The animations are extremely good but the stories not so. But its watchable you can give it a try
  • michaelhowell1215 March 2019
    Just Watch It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Watching this anthology of shorts, some of which are very short indeed, feels a lot like reading an old Heavy Metal magazine. As a teenager, I used to devour these collections of science fiction, fantasy and horror stories that usually featured sex and nudity and frequently violence and gore, sometimes both on the same page.

    Netflix essentially created an animated version of these pulpy, yet often beautifully illustrated comic books. L, D & R is just as hit-and-miss, just as violent and sexually titillating (for a straight male audience, that is), and, every once in a while, just as artistically beautiful. I just wish it had something to say, or at least a few compelling stories to tell. It all felt a bit shallow and very derivative underneath the flashy exterior. I'm afraid sci-fi fans looking for truly original ideas will be rather disappointed.
  • Credit must be given in all episodes to the animators - the levels of technical detail and stylised novelty is incredible in every instance, showing glimpses of future possibilities. The storylines themselves, as with anthologies, are hit and miss. Personal preference will play a large part (for instance, IMDB reviews of some episodes are far from what I think), but on the whole explore interesting concepts. Some are even genuinely forward thinking, emulating Black Mirror-esque storylines.

    Being only 5-15 minutes long, they are all easy watches; thus, even the unenjoyable ones are only short interludes. I would give this a watch purely out of curiosity - at least one of these sci-fi stories is bound to entertain.
  • wwwranga5 April 2019
    Story was too ambiguous and or two episodes are good.Animation works are so beautiful but it's all wasted by poor script.
  • meeelting20 April 2019
    The good: Beyond the Aquila Rift. An absolutely amazing short that could easily be turned into a movie.

    The bad: First episode features cool fights and kind of edgy and stale story writing. Some episodes are so late teen to early 20 american youth culture that it comes off as cringe worthy at times. Did not spot any dabbing but was waiting for it.

    Some episodes are fantastic, but the show is not worth watching in it's entirety, instead seek out information about each episode and watch them individually. Personal taste counts for a lot in this show.
  • Definitely worth a watch. Allthough not every episode is really that "good". I would recommend to check the different episodes ranking on imbd. There arent many bad episodes but you could save some time skipping 2,3 pointless entries. My personal favs are helping hand and good hunting!
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