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  • Fortunately this New Sensations Tales from the Edge series has jettisoned the Cuckold roles for porn actors and sticks with the pricipal sex players this time out. I see way too much of Ryan McLane anyway.

    So we get bountiful cover girl Angela White preening in front of her full-length mirror and talking to the viewer as if he were her husband, sort of a "You are There!" series for cuckolds. This first-person approach fits the screwy "hotwifing" concept well, as the porn audience is supposed to dig the rather imaginary craze depicted here of bored husband finding sexual release in lending their wives out to other men.

    Beyond superstar White, who is unflatteringly photographed at times (cellulite closeups) by hack director Paul Woodcrest, the other ladies ar strictly C list. Why these four unrelated scenes run nearly 3 hours in length is a testament to the lack of artistry involved: just let the talent run through the prescribed series of sexual positions before delivering a facial on cue.

    Hotwifing is mashed up here with bondage, but the BDSM content is minimal and unconvincing. Essentially it's just generic sex footage spiced up with an absentee cuckold and fake-submissive wives getting off with big dicks servicing them.