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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Im fresh home from the cinema, and i felt a strong urge to review this movie. i made an IMDB account just for this!

    the camerawork threw me off for about 90 percent of the movie. i didn't understand it at all and constantly tried to keep up. i couldn't focus on the dialogue- because there would be about 30 unnecessary camera angle changes in every shot! this would have worked for a little-dialogue moody film, but certainly not for something that labels itself a comedy. i'll paint this as an example of a scene which just wasn't funny, in, again, a comedy movie. (this scene stuck out in my mind, but certainly wasn't the only wasted potential in this movie. it was littered with this type of thing). Louis is anxious about getting into the hearse, and says hes not. Daniel says he'll have to, and Louis says no. Daniel says they cant just strap the coffin onto the other car. instead of having a shot of the two of them looking at each other, instead of having the actors show ANY kind of emotion- the two just don't care and the next scene is just the coffin strapped onto the car and everybody acting normal and content. what? i was audibly shocked in the cinema. i couldn't believe they could mess up making such a SIMPLE scene funny.

    the idea of new york was poorly, poorly executed. the entire movie revolves around the fact that they're going to new york, its Daniels home, they're going to new york. WE ARE NOT SHOWN ANYTHING OF DANIELS LIFE IN NEW YORK! no apartment, no job, no sliver of life in new york was shown. how are we supposed to even pretend that its important to Daniel to go back if we're shown about ten seconds of footage in the whole of america through the entire movie? from the very start it was OBVIOUS he was not coming back. something as simple as five minutes at the start of the movie showing Daniels routine would have worked so well. imagine if we were shown the parallels of life between Daniel and Padraig, them waking up compared, them brushing their teeth compared, them getting dressed and ready to get on the flight compared. we would have actually CARED for them. instead- Daniel is the crap,until the very end, and Padraig is just the dead dude. again, a simple disappointment in terms of execution.

    on the topic of characters, they were not developed enough! there was enough backstory, but the way that was introduced was so, so bad. they stuck the backstory in the dialogue, but it was so stiff and short that about 70 percent of what they talked about was their sad past, or sad future. how can you make a comedy out of that? every time a character spoke it felt as if they spoke to themselves only, and they didn't interact with the people around them.

    this review is long enough as is, even though i have a hell of a lot more to say. i need to say this positive thing: i loved the story. i absolutely loved it. the wee detour to Mary's boyfriends house way dodgy, but not much else. quite frankly the 6 out of 10 stars are just for the acting and the plot and the scenery in the movie. everything else in this movie is a sad disappointment.

    I support Aoife Crehan's career and i think we need more female directors in ireland, but i think it was an awful mistake to have this as her debut full length film. it may be a once off, but it personally just shows me she is an amazing writer, but messy director. had this been directed by peter foott from the young offenders, or edgar wright in the style he directed the cornetto trilogy, i would have NO DOUBT believing this movie would be a 9, or even 10 out of 10 star movie.
  • Very slow and dull start but I gradually warmed to the characters to really care about what happened. A road trip with a coffin as a man, his autistic brother and a random woman they meet head off to make sure a man gets buried in his rightful place with hapless police in pursuit. Gentle viewing released without little fanfare which is a pity as its a charmer. Samuel Bottemley in particular is excellent. Irish road trip with a bid to Rainman.
  • Its an emotional, hidden gun hormonal and autistic irish attempt to make the necrolian parts of our life set under the spotlight of humour. its solitude and brotherhood and womanhood, its funeral fugitives and fish&chip shop armed robberies, so if you can make sense of irish dialect, then be my guest, i should really had some cc's to lean on.

    its a rather dead comedy though, i giggled a bit, and hung on till the end due to some rather good acting, and wishing a certain coffin to blow of a car and some nice music here and there.

    its for sure a fact that the predemented grumpy old man will forget this flick pretty fast anyway, because it lacks the spikes a comedy shall have and the speed of action are low and the drama story not so good. its a provincial made product and irish film have had better films made than this. but its a recommend anyway because its airish
  • I really like what the story of this movie was. Some good actors and seemed well produced.

    Unfortunately like most Irish films, its is predictable, over simplified and over acted. There's no glue to hold the pages together.

    I liked it and it's worth watching. About 15 mins too long.
  • There are a couple of big names in this Irish rom com, namely Brian Cox and Colm Meaney is supporting roles, which was part of the reason I watched this. Alas, this film meanders along like the Volvo the main characters are travelling in for the full 106 minute run time.

    I can't help but feel Michiel Husmain is miscast in the role as Daniel Murphy. He plays an up and coming New York tax lawyer who returns home to Ireland after the death of his mother, but I find he lacks any emotional attachment to the character.

    Niamh Algar is very watchable as Mary, but even she struggles with the script.
  • Pairic10 December 2019
    The Last Right: Daniel Murphy (Michael Huisman) is flying home from the US to attend his mother's funeral when it turns out the guy next to him Padraig Murphy (Jim Norton) is bringing his brother back to Ireland to bury him. The quirkiness of this serious comedy kicks in right away as Padraig dies on the flight and has named Daniel as his next of kin. It looks as if Daniel has talked his way out of this quandary and he makes his way to Clonakilty where his brother Louis (Samuel Bottomley) lives. Louis is an autistic teenager still at school and Daniel will now be responsible for him. The corpse of Padraig follows Daniel (via the Garda) and at Louis's urging he agrees to transport the body to Rathlin Island, at the very other end of the Island of Ireland. A road movie ensues as Daniel and Louis are joined by an eccentric mortician, Mary (Niamh Algar) in their journey.

    There are perhaps too many odd characters in the film as a Detective Superintendent (Colm Meaney) sets off in pursuit of the trio after a misunderstanding with a pellet gun results in them being perceived as a criminal gang. Serious relationship questions are teased out as Daniel wants Louis to move to the USA but Louisa doesn't wish to lose his girlfriend. An awkward, troubled affair starts to develop between Daniel and Mary. There is no stereotyping of Autism and though Rain Man is referenced it is used to develop a conversation on how there are many points on the spectrum and Louis is an individual with his own strengths. There is also a major plot reveal which influences the viewers understanding of the narrative.

    A solid drama/comedy written and directed by Aoife Crehan. 8/10.
  • ejrath18 May 2020
    Great film. Really enjoyed the humour. Well written and directed. Would definitely recommend and will watch again
  • I loved this quirky road movie. As with lots of fiction, once I suspended shades of disbelief (as when the elderly Padraig Murphy, who is transporting his dead brother on the plane from the USA to Ireland for burial, dies on the plane, but before he names the passenger next to him, coincidentally called Daniel Murphy (Michael Huisman), as his next of kin), I relaxed into the mould of the film. The acting is very good throughout. Daniel's "brother" Louis (Samuel Bottomley) sensitively portrays an autistic personality and the plot is peppered with comic vignettes including the bonny and clyde scene with the impetuous Mary (Niamh Algar) and the toy gun at a take away. There are magical landscape scenes along the way, some probably done with drones. Overall a hilarious, entertaining and touching movie.
  • The story is good but directing made the movie boring and not enjoyable at all. Good cast but after half an hour it was painful to continue.
  • Very enjoyable film from start to finish, beautifully written.
  • This is the sweetest film I've seen in ages! It's funny, warm, quirky, action packed. It's strong cast includes Colm Meaney, Jim Norton (The bishop in Fr Ted), Niamh Algar (Calm with Horses), Michael Huisman (Game of Thrones), Samuel Bottomley (Wolf Hall), Eleanor OBrien. Written & directed by Irish newcomer, Aoife Crehan. It has a constant stream of crazy comedic capers, which include a car being driven from West Cork's Inchydoney Island to Antrim's Ratlin Island with a cardboard coffin tied to its roof rack, a Garda chase, two funerals (tho we're not weeping), a hold up, a stand off...etc etc! For me, the nub of the film is the most endearing portrayal of everyday life of witty teenager, Louis, who has autism It is very real, yet light and natural. Boldly written, yet exquisitely tender and funny. Wow! Esther McCarthy, film critic on Newtalk's Sean Moncrieff Show highly recommends it, describing it as a "cardigan of a film in the nicest possible way". GO SEE!
  • birrjob18 May 2020
    So entertaining, so funny, so enjoyable to watch. Dont miss it.
  • Funny and entertaining. Snuggle up on the sofa and enjoy!
  • This is my first review on IMDB and I think platforms like this should be analysed by directors, cinematographers, story writers in understanding what people really see and think.

    First of all the movie is copy of 'Karwaan' starring Irfan Khan, which was released in August 2018. This was remake of South Indian film 'Aedan: Garden of Desire', which was released in Feb 2018.

    Michiel Huisman, a fine actor overall, I think lacked to show that one moment where he felt he lost his mother. He played the character from the outside and did not soak the emotions or feelings one would get when a person dies and secondly, the blunder, when the coffin gets exchanged.

    The sense of comic relief was more of a scene created to introduce laughter rather than timing that is required within the scene.

    Overall I give this movie 5/10...
  • Though the subject matter may be a little dark, the film handles it in a light hearted manner that is still respectful to the dead. The story is hilarious, and touching as well. The beautiful Irish scenery is on the showcase as well. I really enjoyed this morbidly delightful comedy.
  • kq99930 March 2020
    Refreshingly different from the Hollywood junk. It grabbed my attention right off. Has moments that are extremely heart-warming and moments that are quite hilarious. A good mixture of both. There is even a surprise towards the end that the viewer may not have thought was coming.

    Give it a is a really good watch.