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  • Is dream round the worst movie ever made? No. Is dream round the best movie ever made? Yes. Every creative choice in this film was perfection. The direction of this film is some of the best I've ever seen. The idea to take the cameraman and have him slowly walk around the actors in a circle while they're moving and not stabilize the camera is a genius creative decision reminiscent of Martin Scorsese. The sudden change in cameras between shots adds the already mesmerizing cinematography of this film. Furthermore, the lack of camera focus in shots makes the audience reevaluate what they thought they knew about film. The idea to reuse the same shot within a five minute span of time keeps the audience engaged in this touching, heartfelt story. The acting. The actors in this film are extremely talented. The way Michael Saquella performs the floss dance is a beautiful, touching moment that resonates with audiences. The chemistry between Joe Bona and Jennifer is palpable, and it is the best on screen romance since "The Notebook". Moreover, the fact that the audio is often not timed up with the mouth movement of the actors is a perfect stylistic choice and commentary on the instability of human nature. In conclusion, GO SEE THIS FILM. It is an experience you will never forget.
  • This movie was like watching someone throw paint onto the wall and just say, "spread it around and see what happens!" I don't understand how this actually made it into a theater, or who watched this, and said, "Yep! It's ready for people to watch!" The editing, the dialogue... all a travesty. I feel like they were going for a "The Room" vibe, but there's very little charm to this film. Also, the lead actress is very attractive and the lead actor is a Gollum of a man. As a human, it was borderline torture trying to watch them "fall for each other." Nothing about this movie is fun. The story barely makes sense! Joe used to be into golf, but then his family dies 15 year ago so he stops and, thanks to a ghost who shows up whom he never questions, talks him into playing golf with Richard Grieco for money or something. It really doesn't matter because it's never brought up again. All the while, he's hanging out with a very young girl who has also lost her parents in a tragedy. While it's not very charming, it's borderline crap. There's also an incredibly attractive waitress who can't afford yoga and falls in love with an overweight cigar smoking disabled man. I would really try to avoid this it's not worth watching. .5/5 cause it was filmed in Arizona and I like seeing Arizona on the big screen.
  • mistery-0424411 November 2020
    Worst movie i have ever watched. Waste of time.. Make no sence, person who lost his family and stopped playing golf is seeing a ghost, meet a girl that remembers him since last century...getting together through his little neigbour...honestly this is a joke
  • Thatfilmdude9311 April 2021
    This movie was completely trash, don't waste your hard earned money or time on it. As the Reagan administration used to say. JUST SAY NO!
  • iansmith-5455424 November 2020
    Dont even think about watching this. The acting is so bad it makes your eyes bleed. Complete and utter garbage. Hard to believe they had the nerve to release it.