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  • Jacky St. James is firmly ensconced at Sweet Sinner with this entertaining and sexually energizing set of four vignettes about young ladies role-playing at humping daddy figures.

    Story is told by Kenna James, surely one of the top actresses currently at work in Adult Cinema. She has gone on-line to find kindred spirits who have daddy issues, and relates their stories as well as her own in what amounts to daddy-swapping.

    Strongest scene is heavy into BDSM, as super redhead Maya Kendrick gets to have sex with uber-dicked Steve Holmes, set in a room at his house which he's styled as a jail-cell. This is a fabulous vignette which spotlights Kendrick's ability to take everything the veteran Euro stud can dish out, ranging from his immense dick to all sorts of sensory activity involving flogging, spanking and a pinwheel rolling on her skin.

    Jacky features some new talent that impresses, including jail-bait types Britney Light and Devon Green. The format of four fathers having sex with their daughters' young best friends is highly contrived, but I bought into it enough to enjoy the results.