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  • I'm finding this series very interesting and certainly eye opening.

    Nice to see a high quality Australian drama which isn't cringeworthy and with fresh talent.
  • patrickbegorra6 August 2019
    A timely classic that is thought-provoking and much needed for all: students, parents and teachers. A rare gem that makes for the very best drama series in 2019. A beautifully written, wonderfully crafted show that will hunt your beliefs and allow you the chance to question your own ideas. The Hunting will force you to take a closer look and share a constructive conversation with fellow viewers. An absolute must. Highly recommended.
  • The the writer and producer you have made such a powerful message to all teenagers and parents to be aware of how a situation can make a twist and effect a persons life forever. This to me is a vital media production for any child entering secondary education Most of all this strong message is for males to respect females within the cyber network Why this movie is not advertised more strongly is wrong This movie has the potential to reduce the potential for female suicide and male suicide This series is so powerful and so vitality important to understand the consequences of our actions, and how we still see and unbalanced set of rules.
  • Well acted, interesting storyline. Such a topical subject. To see the blatent sexism that exists in this school is frightening. This explains in detail why we need to be so carefull of sharing sexually explicit pics. Would be beneficial for teenagers to see. Well worth a look.
  • Australian short television drama about the consequences of sexting. What can be a bit of harmless fun between two individuals can backfire and cause all sorts of dilema for those involved, and other people, now and into the future. There is a bit of stereotyping in the written script, but this actually highlights the understanding of generation gaps, religious or ethnic harm caused by, and reaction by some subcultures. I would recommend this series as honest educational resource to watch at same time with your adolescence children at the start of highschool (at home together), as an excellent tool regarding online participation.
  • Wow, such an uncomfortable topic. You can see the damage that will come. And it keeps coming. And the injustices. But so well told, beautifully acted by the young cast. And, I'm no film critic, but the whole production, the atmosphere was excellent.
  • Have watched the first two episodes so far , and my wife and I are enjoying this series immensely
  • caeevans16 August 2019
    I think this is a must see for any parent. Is there some stereotyping, sure, but it's used to enhance the story and explore the many facets of the topic. I've just watched E3 and cannot wait to watch the final episode. That said, I thought the actions of the supposedly smart teenage protagonists in E3 did stretch reality.
  • Did not expect to like this, I thought at best it would be tough going at worst moralising. It was actually fast paced with relatable characters. Highly recommend it.
  • Very much enjoying this one. Find myself thinking about the series between episodes which doesn't happen so much anymore.
  • michaelrthomson3 August 2019
    Asher is not enough to save this dull diatribe on youth, culture, technology and poor decisions. The majority of the millennials are as wooden as a clothes hanger and the pacing is just poor. I don't think this is at all a new story, maybe teenagers will find it interesting but even they probably look for some quality in their viewing decisions (except anything kardashian related obviously). It just reminds of all the bad elements of high school but with more pc leanings.
  • Based on episode 1 this topical and attention grabbing theme served up a predictable array of stereotypes that only glimpse the reality of the issue and perpetuate mis-conceptions. The mostly innocent and unwitting victims include the assertive daughter of a lesbian couple, the smothered daughter of a migrant family and the try hard son of another migrant family who seeks the approval of the hate figure; a vaguely larrikin teenage male from a wealthy family. Similarly, the teacher characters are typical teacher characters in typical tv dramas; either old and crusty, or young and naive. Consequently, the soft targets, schools and their staff, appear as hopeless. Well, that is as far as I got. Maybe it will get better but I doubt it.
  • I respect the subject and the way they're going about it.

    The casting and acting is good.

    But the pace is simply glacial and not in a good way.

    So, after three runs at episode 1, I'm bailing.

    To those of you who can stick it out, I'm sure it will be worthwhile. The approach seems thoughtful and balanced.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When sexting leads to cyberbullying post one picture online and it gets 2.000 likes
  • ... when it changes into a feminist bashing exercise of young men's hormones and the terrible wrongs of human sexuality caused by the males of our species.
  • This had a lot of potential. Unfortunately it was executed very poorly. Terrible acting and completely over dramatised. Bad stereotypes, and something I would not have expected from SBS. Completely protracted and a waste of time. Thought there might be some kind of twist in the plot but no. I don't know what Richard Roxborough was thinking.