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  • It started off well - teacher moving into small town, secretive citizens, family drama and a big mystery to be solved. However, it quickly falls apart, due to poorly written characters.

    The students are unrealistically cruel and unbelievably brave to openly show said cruelty. They act like actual prison inmates rather than ordinary teenagers. On the other hand, all of the teachers are incredibly irrational, immature and too easily tricked into playing by student rules - begging them for mercy, sharing their most intimate secrets with random kids, getting into fist fights etc.

    I thought there would be some social commentary on how all the kids' parents are rich and influential, so the school is forced to put up with their bs, but, alas, we quickly learn that at least some of the kids are from poor background. When they DO try to make a social commentary, it feels forced and flat.

    By the end of the second episode, no one acts like a genuine human being (and I don't mean in the intentional "Lynchian" sense) and rather like a plot device, so it is easy to lose interest. Which is a shame - it could have easily turned out great, if they had toned it down a bit.
  • indalu5 January 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    It was OK at first and I was willing to overlook some of the ridiculousness, but it just kept spiraling down until there was nothing left but the stupid stuff. Others have mentioned the ridiculous and completely unrealistic relationship between the teachers and the students. Then there's this whole blackmailing the new teacher into giving the same exam the dead-teacher gave. What? I could not attach to Raquel because she was so completely angst ridden, and the cause of her own misery. I also couldn't get into the mystery because of all the distractions. All the needless racing off here and there to search for clues. Showing up multiple times at dead-teacher's house. Why? So she gets to be friends with the dead-teacher's hubby but the guy destroys her house and kills her dog and it's oh-well--ho-hum. Got to rush off to find more clues. And why o why would Raquel's hubby leave the injured student on the steps of the hospital? A red herring, I guess, but totally illogical and stupid. In the final episode the film maker apparently felt the need to wrap everything up in a great big bow. So evil student who tried to kill himself in a horrific car crash and has emergency surgery for his traumatic injuries is seen 3 days later...without a scratch or Band-Aid. And Raquel who arrested in the hospital also wakes up 3 says later in perfect condition. No ill effects. Perfect hair and make-up. When next we see Raquel she has moved on to her now perfect life, having dumped her creepy class and her creepy husband. And now with straightened hair because everyone knows that straight-haired people are happier.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Firstly, is it normal in Spain to only teach one class? What do they do for the other 20 hours a week? Second, if I spoke to any of my teachers the way they do I would have been kicked out of the school! Very strange dynamics they have in this show! All in all it was entertaining and a decent show, I just wasn't sure if I was supposed to like the main character Raquel as she was a cheater and a liar and kept hounding on her husband. The dead teacher wasn't must better either. A little predictable also but it kept me wanting to see what happened.
  • What a surprise from Netflix I had today. I just watched this modern crime-mystery and I'm feeling over the moon. Such a compelling story that unravels gradually and slowly and at the end you are completely thrilled with the final development/resolution of the story, its climax and its revelations! Direction is pure magic here and grabs your attention throughout the 8 episodes and reaches an absolute climax at the last 2 episodes. Although it uses the technique of flashback to some extent, the viewer NEVER gets bored and to be honest the said technique is used in a very contemporary and innovative way that adds to the film and its excitement. The artistic direction, the cast as well as the production are all of first class quality. The actors play very naturally and convincingly and the script is the strong asset of the series.

    If you watched the movie "CONTRATIEMPO" some years ago and you liked its modern and refreshing approach towards the genre of modern crime/mystery, you will surely like this one too.

    I had never imagined that I would say that but : thank you Netflix.

    Ps: I would like to thank Spain too for its commitment to the abovementioned genre. They keep on surprising us effortlessly.
  • beppe-2186729 December 2020
    I started this show with good intentions, after the first episode I already had a strange feeling, something was off. Going on become a completely mess, absolutely unrealistic, over dramatic, even acting is often very bad. An under average series.
  • grrossi20 December 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    The story telling is really messy. Many things did not add up and the ending was totally unexpected but not in a good way. It was completely off and did not fit the story in anyway. The more you get through the story the more the actions of the main character do not make sense anymore. The cheating on her husband with Mauro was completely unnecessary and did not resemble how the producers want to portrait the character in the end. In my opinion it was intended that she is portrayed as a hero but I just thought of her as a horrible person.
  • Interesting story, impressive acting and good casting. One of those shows you can easily watch in one day.
  • This is the first time I'll leave a comment on IMDb. I finished this series in one day. It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout all the eight episodes. It's worth it to anyone who loves a good crime, mystery and suspense series. Don't let Hollywood fanatics tell you otherwise. The propaganda on leaving bad reviews for productions outside of the USA is just appalling. There are gems like this coming from all parts of the world. This time, it came from Spain.
  • grondonamanu23 December 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Idk how people are rating this miniseries with 10/10, seriously. This could be the worst Netflix has ever done.
    • Absurd situations that have not the slightest explanation. Neither relevance. Where in the world do you see students who act this way?
    • Acting could be so much better.
    • Script!! OMG so predictable.
    • Some characters behaviour are super weird and annoying. Some of them are even in disconnection with the plot. Flashbacks make it SUPER confusing.
    The best of it: the song of the intro. PD: If Argentina had the scope that Spanish series have on Netflix, movies and TV shows would be seen with much better ratings.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Surely students can't get away with talking to and treating teachers this way, can they? I'm only 5 minutes into the second episode and I'm not sure I can keep going. It's eating at me that much. I'll apologize if this story is a good one....and it's possible I'll keep going....but this over the top behavior portrayed by the students has me wondering why am I bothering. This can't represent reality can it?
  • This series deserves a higher rating than it currently has. It is a storyline with suspense, that keeps your attention. There are some not very well worked out aspects in the storylines of certain characters, but that doesn't devaluate the show too much. I like it and couldn't stop watching. Would definitely recommend (and I'm a series snob). And, for the Netflixers; it's a fresh change from a lot of soap opera like shows from Spain. This is better quality and more Netflix worthy.
  • Amazing show with great actors and great acting!

    Keeps you on the edge till the last minute.

    If you liked the trailer and the trailer made you watch it then it won't disappoint, it will be much much more than you expect.

    It's very nicely made, in a complex manner, it can get confusing at times hence so many not really getting it or not being able to properly follow the plot. Still to give a 1/2 stars rating to such a show its trolling and sabotaging a the rating of a great show.

    The show also highlights the bulling that teachers suffer as well, which is usually a side not shown in other movies. Also, teacher/student relationships exist too and we saw or heard lots of stories about them. Some people that rated this with 1/2 stars for not being "real" probably live in their own bubble and have no idea what is happening in the world around them. Is as real as it can get!

    The way they made the past and present interwind is greatly executed as well.

    Overall a binge-worth-watching crime/mystery show with great suspense and great actors.

    Definitely worth watching.
  • anaBxl21 December 2020
    Raquel's character is too arrogant and annoying. It doesn't make any sense.
  • Poor editing. story unnecessarily dragged. actors seem totally all over the place. save yr time and ignore this.
  • I dont recall any tv show i have ever seen to have this many toxic people in it. Even when i saw them going through tough times i enjoyed it because the characters were god awful
  • bptsvc31 December 2020
    Horrible plot, terrible characters. Every scene is illogical. Nothing makes sense. Only the location gets this one an extra star.
  • I enjoyed the glum Galician atmosphere, the performances of the two leads, their mirrored lives, and some great classroom tension between kids and professors at odds with each other. There are some interesting twists and turns, although I felt a lot of them are revealed in a rather anticlimactic way, that lacked drama. Not all of the scenes and motivations are quite credible, although the menacing theatre of a village where everyone knows everyone is a great device for creating a level of fear and distrust of the authorities that the story needs to keep going. Overall a solid show, one which I will recommend to friends, but I was left with a sense that the story had greater potential than was realised.
  • Let me tell you, i watched trailers as many of you, and i was intrigued. But as many TV Series, i was thinking i will stop this quicky. You know, i'm not your usual fan of spanish movies/series.

    But here, what impress me the most at the first episode, was the strong acting. Everyone feel like in real life, not overacting and that said a lot to me. As I wanted to see the rest of the series. The theme was good also but it was not what I like at first. The main title... when nowadays a opening of series is like 5-10 seconds with basically the main title and generic sound. Not here, you have a full song for a least a minute, and it gives you all emotion. It's a thriller series, yet, the main title is happy/sad combination of the two.

    Bárbara Lennie and Imma Cuesta steal the show everytime they are on screen, so much, that at few times i was kinda fool as to which story i was following. It's brillant.

    Based on the novel of the same name winner of the Primavera award 2016. Raquel, a young literature teacher, gives her marriage a second chance and moves to her husband's birth town, which hides a dark secret she will try to unravel.
  • gfjf132 January 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'm ashamed of having spent time watching this POS... I knew it was similar to "Elite" but crap, this was incredible... horrible storyline, characters were just odd and things did not add up.

    I knew the dog was going to die... May I just say, it simply didn't need to happen. Not because it's just cruel but the character that "killed" it was just pointless to use as the dog killer.

    1/10 stars is giving this too much... horrible!!!
  • The plot is every where... actors good but the characters are complete morons. Too many plotholes... don't waste your time...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I didn't care for Iago or any of them at all. Weird twist at the end. boring
  • Even the Fantastic Bárbara Lennie felt like drowning.
  • This series is centred on Raquel and Viruca, two literature teachers working in a small Spanish town. Raquel moves to the town with her husband, who is a local, to take up the teaching position. She didn't know that her predecessor, Viruca, had died in a presumed suicide. The more she learns the more Raquel starts to think Virura may have been murdered, possibly by somebody in her class. As the series progresses we see Raquel's story intertwined with flashbacks of the events leading to Viruca's death.

    This is a somewhat mixed series; on the down side one does have to suspend one's disbelief at times... watching the series one would think there was only one class at the school and the way the students and teachers interact seems highly unlikely; it is far too casual and students get away with threatening teachers. If you can get passed those problems the central mystery is gripping and there were plenty of genuinely tense moments. As the series progresses more suspects emerge as we learn about various activities going on in the town which include affairs, sexual jealousy, shady financial dealings and drugs. The cast is solid; most noticeably Inma Cuesta and Bárbara Lennie as Raquel and Viruca. Overall I'd recommend this despite its problems; if you want a good mystery it is definitely worth watching.

    These comments are based on watching the Series in Spanish with English subtitles.
  • A pretty complicated plot. I don't think it transferred to film well. I found it in serious need of editing. I met way too many characters and was force fed too many details. It's upsetting when you have the expanded time of a series and fail to produce a compelling story.
  • Everyone is so toxic and I hated every character. No one was likeable or relatable. Plus they were acting like idiots all the time. Plot holes were everywhere. The scenes from the beginning were different when they repeated them at the end. The characters were saying different things the second time, which completely changed the story and the context. I'm ok with non-linear storyline, flashbacks and all, but this kind of manipulation is just a lousy job.
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