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  • Paul Chaplin at his vanity label Bluebird Films made three titles in this series, before said label went belly up. He even has the temerity to show up in this one, wearing a masochist's latex hood in a jokey vignette about a BDSM sub who's left all chained up by his Mistress, in need of EMS asssistance.

    The five vignettes have the usual dumb titles, e.g., "Gasp","Stuck" and "Smash", and are merely an excuse for British and Continental beauties to have sex with mainly old geezers.

    It was interesting to see prolific Euro stars like Sarah Twain (who contributes a d.p. for the fans) and Jane Darling in a more recent British assignment like this one, while breast in show easily goes to Bluebird regular Stacey Saran, clad in nurse-fetish costume as she humps a bald oldie named Warren who cannot resist smoking a cigarette even though he's wired to an oxygen machine.

    The Lee twins service Ben Dover in an ambulance, par for the course in a Bluebird outing. For me it was fun to see an ultra-talented actress Denice K (star of the unsung Paul Thomas near-classic "My Wife's Best Friend").