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  • The Dude In Me is a charming & hillarious film that is pure and spreads a great message. Surprisingly well directed, which also has some great action sequences. The storyline flowed very well with the events and the performances were impressive. A sweet and touching comedy from South Korea.
  • joanne-7804922 July 2019
    This had me in stitches laughed alot especially jin young as the fat kid he was briiliant so hilarious . started watching this by chance was so unexpectedly good. Feel good movie .
  • yankeedoo24 May 2019
    As usual Korea does it funny and touching movie. Will watch again
  • I don't know before who is jinyoung but after i watch this movie i think jinyoung is talented, he act be like he is really life at the film, i'm very like him now, i hope jinyoung can pacticipate in other Movies or Dramas, but i hopefully much he can participate in K-Drama and gonna be Main Cast, ^^
  • The dude inside me was funny. I enjoyed the pace and the way they presented the story. I also love Jung Jin Young in this one and he proved to be a great actor.

    However, the scenes with the mother and her ex boyfriend in the body of the young student, although laughable, were a bit off, as it wasn't easy to sympathize and actually imagine that the one talking was not the young student but the mafia boss. However, Jin Young played those scenes masterfully.

    Overall, the movie was funny and it had a nice conclusion, as well as good performances.

    So, seven out of ten.
  • caylchinzah0524 April 2019
    I think its my favourite korean movie of 2019 so far. The plot was not fresh but the execution of the storyline by the talented cast was sweet and endearing. Also the plot was quite unexpected. The comic relief were done really well. Overall the complete storyline wasnt as lame as i thought it would be. Last but not the least, the action stunts were very enjoyable.
  • tommyhchoi27 March 2019
    With predictable movie plot theme of body and mind changing, it wasn't predictable story. There were plenty of natural trigger points of reaction to humor. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot playing out.