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  • lor_12 February 2019
    Bluebird Films maintains its status, even posthumously, as the lowbrow Brit Porn label with this stupid 3-hour saga about sex in a bar. Linsey Dawn McKenzie presides, giving it curio value for her fans.

    Bluebird likes to label its vignettes, 6 of them this time around, with mindless monikers, so here we have "Drinkies", "Together", "Slip", etc. Reaching a new low, the 4th vignette of the show is titled succinctly "Scene 4".

    My favorite scene has to be the finale, as it features the inimitable Sensual Jane, wearing sexy lingerie, servicing Krystal Webb. Lesbian sex predominates, but Tony James shows up for two scenes, first playing a two-bit gangster extorting money from Valery Summer "for protection", and then playing the bar owner who catches Tiffany Kingston drinking vodka rather than working, and punishes her with sex.