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  • wakaney20 February 2021
    I liked this scene where Kenji beat up 3 american soldiers!
  • While this drama might not 100% accurately portrait the historical details, it thoroughly explored most of the emotional / identity conflicts among Japanese Americans during WW2. It is true that during peaceful time, identity crisis is usually hidden behind the mask of "oversea siblings" externally, and mere racism or social unjust internally; while harsh decisions can be either deferred or mitigated through social movement. That's not the case when your country of origin is at war with your country of residency / citizenship, in which you are forced to choose a side in a not so black-and-white world. Culture, beliefs, social status and many other factors shape an individual person, then form community. Obviously, different communities will eventually clash upon some subject of interests; if intensified, cause civil or all-out war. It is just extra difficult when this happens to a minority race in a society, not to mention the minority group itself is split into many sub-communities. The path of moral and ethical conflicts will eventually place you into the group you belong but the journey shall be painful; the drama portraited just that. As a Chinese American, I hope not to ever encounter such situation in real life. And if I do, I hope the society has learnt enough to not be blinded by anger or hatred, thus repeating the mistake of causing unnecessary casualties and making ugly history. Overall, this drama elaborated the subjects cleanly; the scene and acting were to-the-point. I recommend it to any lost soul, be it N-th gen immigrants or the majority race, regardless of origin country.