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  • zmoneysabeast17 March 2019
    They could make a series of this material by itself!! Please if you care about the fans (me) make more!!
  • I loved every moment of this episode. It was beautiful in every moment and very appealing to the eye. The robot characters were fantastic. Each had a great personality, even the Siri- HAL like robot. They balance each other so well, and would make a perfect team. I know this probably took hours, even days, for this 11 min episode. But I would watch if it had its own series, and probably watch it multiples times. The animation and effects are incredibly well done, and it's something different in today's world. No show like it has robots with great personality's. The setting of a post apocalyptic world where humans are gone and these three robots are just learning about them would be a great show for today's critical world. Please make more of these.
  • chownrott17 March 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Cats - I always knew they would be the adorable evil overlords that would cause the end of humans. I love this episode and hope they make several more along this story line.
  • filipchukv15 March 2019
    Accurate representation of the human condition at this point in time. Bravo!
  • What can I say except that I'm back here after binging on this whole series...

    This episode was a moment of pure joy among the delicious, delectable, yet overwhelmingly dark episodes of LD+R...

    Parnell is perfectly cast AGAIN... It's like he was invented for the roles he's been handed in Archer, R&M and this.

    As to the episode itself, from the opening Terminator throwback to the final exposition, this episode is a joyous romp at the expense of our history... Or more accurately mistory.

    Some might balk at the suggested political message crowbarred into the episode, but that is offset by the ridiculous conclusions our three "heroic" tourists come to.
  • After the first episode I was worried this series was going to be really underwhelming.

    Thankfully this second episode was clever and hilarious and fun. I loved the black comic tone of this one. I especially enjoyed the sarcastic style of the pyramid shaped robot. I hope this is a sign for subsequent episodes!

    The cat stuff became a little stupid but I can forgive it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just started watching this series. The first episode (Sonny's Edge) was quite dark. I expected more darkness from this one but it turned to be quite cute and funny. Highly entertaining episode and you can clearly see shades of Tim Miller here.
  • matthewpchen10 April 2019
    A fun look at a post-apocalyptic city following three robots. The exchanges between the three robots bring a lot of humor. Overall very entertaining.
  • casperlowe31 March 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Bravo a much better 2nd outing that had me laughing from the start and the cherry on the cake was name dropping "Exploding Kittens" card game, be still my heart <3
  • yusufulger22 March 2019
    It was meaningful for different sides. It shows us that humanity has problems and ridiculous rituals.
  • Wall-E but theres 3 of him and they say the f-word.
  • I was disappointed by this one. And I'm really sad to say it too. I am a sucker for anything post apocalyptic, and even if the show/movie is bad, if the setting is good I can enjoy it. I didn't. The comedy felt way to juvenile and sophomoric, and not in a good way. It almost felt as if it were trying to appeal to a younger audience (they even make a joke about teabagging at one point) and for a show that claims to be NSFW, this really makes this episode stand out, and again, not in a good way. A better story would have been a singular robot without any dialogue walking the dead city trying yo emulate what humans did when they were alive. It would have been sadder and a lot more emotional, which is something that would have been better for a series like this. One thing I have to give it props for is its animation. It is absolutley spectacular. Thats what keeps me from rating this any lower
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Three very different robots with inexplicably human-like personalities, are tourists in a decimated American city. For some reason they don't know even the basic fundamental details about the biological functions of the beings they are so interested in (eating food and digesting it, for example). No details are given about how long ago the event occurred: human skeletons litter the streetscape yet a hamburger sits intact on the table of a diner.

    The animation is brilliant, I just found the general story and 'hipness' of the robots very corny. The only indication about what happened to humans is the missile in its silo (unlaunched). Looks great, it just needed a better storyline!
  • Once again, Love Death + Robots features some truly impressive animation. Until the cat showed up, most of it looked kinda real. After the cat gag, it seems to drag on a bit but from start to finish it's really funny. Always great to see Josh Brener acting in something, I'm a huge fan of Silicon Valley
  • paultapner24 March 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Adaptation of a John Scalzi story, which sees three rather different robots with very different personalities tour a human city long long after the end of the human race.

    They see various things that we would take for granted, and struggle to understand them.

    They meet a strange creature.

    And each of them have different reactions to things.

    This is stronger than the first story, as it feels very original. It's very pacy at just around twelve minutes, and instead of trying to be dark and edgy, it's just fun. There's a serious point in there, but it's clever enough to hide it among lighter moments in the process.

    A great little bit of television, and well worth a watch.
  • I absolutely love this TV show. This episode though seems like it was written by teenage girls. The dialogue and humour is middle school tier. Its really jarring especially considering how dark the rest of the show is. The animation style is good, but the voices assigned to the robots were not appropriate and ruined immersion. Also, unlike all the other episodes in this show, there was no twist or surprise ending. Was really lame on almost all front.
  • I found this very funny, physically laughed on several occasions. The reference to Terminator in the opening scene is brilliant. But I appreciate that humour is very subjective and it might miss for a lot of people.
  • As short as this episode it will be my review.

    The characters have such a great dynamic and are pretty fun. They seem to be really best friends and it works satisfactorily well. The jokes landed so incredibly, I was laughing the whole time. The animation is fantastic, and the locations seem so mysterious that it's better no to see a full show of this short.
  • Fantastic episode. Short and sweet, no filler and very funny!

  • 3 robots take the scenic route around a wasteland, pondering what it all means and how it got to be like that.
  • This episode is incredibly funny, the chemistry behind all the voice actors is honestly really funny to watch, and I also thought them looking back at human things such as an Xbox or a burger was pretty cool.
  • One of the funniest, most original things I've seen in a long time. The episode starts out so so dark and I was ready for a very creepy post apocalyptic episode, how I was wrong. Instead, one of the funniest warnings to humans to look after the planet. The four main characters in this episode are written absolutely perfectly and are great.
  • This is one of the best shows on Love, Death and Robots! I would love to see this is a regular series! Funny, engaging and original, fun concept!!!
  • formotog13 August 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    This episode was decent. Very nice animation and a clever story to go with it. I liked the distinct personas and dialogue that went with each robot, and their journey through a post-apocalyptic earth was fun and humorous. I also liked how the robots spoke of humans because it was basically all true lmao. It wasn't anything amazing but it was a cool, fun watch

    Mid 7
  • One of my favourites from the anthology so far. It's genuinely funny with a lot of great little details, even if it doesn't always make sense, and the ending is a little silly. But I don't think it was trying to take itself too seriously.
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