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  • This short blew us out of the water! It is twisted, hyper-kinetic, and sexy as hell. Plus I've never seen animation like this before. It almost looks like it is filmed first then layered over with different forms of CGI visuals... ending up with a VERY real looking landscape and characters. Highest recommendations.
  • In the words of the director on his Instagram profile page:

    "NO Mocap, NO rotoscope, why would we do that?. Dave Pate , Adrian Millington and their animators team did all KEY animation. Is the style / technique we like and love to preserve. They are the finest animation artist out there. Nothing compares. And yes MAYA."

    This gives an aditional remark on how awesome this little piece of magic turned to be.
  • When people think cyberpunk, this is the sort of city they might imagine: Impossibly dense buildings, stretching off the top of each frame to imbue them with a sense of immense height and scale and leave the sky nothing more than an impossibly distant symbol of ephemeral freedom.

    Then there are the litter strewn streets festooned a menagerie of cryptic advertising in different languages, crushed together into a maddening mixture of culture: the classic melting pot of dystopian futures past.

    Within this Future Hong Kong-like, Chung King Express inspired city we meet our protagonist, an incredibly beautifully animated lady on the run for witnessing an apparent crime. And the story starts its nonstop, bulletlike rollercoaster ride towards its unorthodox and yet amazingly foregone conclusion.

    The animation quality was literally otherworldly, at times I found myself replaying scenes, wondering if it was overlaid on actual footage. I have never seen animation of this visceral quality before. The tiny details, the use of comic-like interjections to indicate surprise and suddenness and the technical brilliance of the entire presentation make this short a visual feast and sensual cacophony of stimulation.

    Sexy, seedy, sordid and sleazy are all words you could use to describe this episode and you would not be wrong. But I would also add sumptuously drawn city scenes, surreal storyline and a rather satisfying conclusion.

    More, please.
  • So after reading ALL the reviews; from what I can tell, all the people, you see in this episode, are not real people overlaid with CGI but totally all some form of CGI? All the actors say voiced by? Like I find it totally unbelievable that the main woman and the rest are not REAL. If this is the case, WOW amazing work. Just totally amazing work.
  • I've never seen anything like it and could watch it FOREVER! This is wonderful. And the story, acting. Everything is amazing.
  • davidn-1131 March 2020
    Stunning visuals and animation add to a brilliant plot, about someone witnessing a murder through a window from one building to another. A sensational plot twist at the very end leaves the viewer to wonder: what next?
  • deepakdst5 October 2019
    I am here to just praise the work of Alberto. He is great and this live comic book adaptation is amazing. The story was like a loop for minds also.
  • ecggm15 June 2019
    The ambience and style of this episode is really near to the utopian futuristic japan series someone should create.
  • justinspost17 March 2019
    Wow! What an amazing story, supported by stunning visuals. Definitely a must-see! The animation in this short is spectacular!
  • The animation in this short episode blew my mind. It seems so pleasant and the story even though it doesn't involve many talking is brilliant. The twist, the sexy parts and every unique aspect of this episode are stunning. It's a must watch for sure.
  • Watching this makes seconds feel like minutes drowning you in a good kind of way. The style of animation makes the level of intensity outrageous, and glued my mind to the borderline-like pictures in a compact Cyberpunk-esque package. It left me with the impression that this surreal world takes place somewhere between the not so distant future and the Black Mirror present day of tomorrow.
  • diogenes-stl25 September 2019
    I knew the mind blowing animation of this entry in the LOVE, DEATH, & ROBOTS series was amazing and the Emmy voters agreed. Congratulations on what I hope will be the first of many more Emmys to come. Great to see stories of this nature and animation of this quality on television.
  • anirudhmailme22 April 2019
    What do you do when you are chased? Do you flee to safety like a deer or mimic the leopard that hunts you? This episode is a amalgamation of futuristic tech, human cognition and hasty decisions.
  • The beginning of this starts off as interesting as the futuristic cyber punkish animation style with a splash of some classic onomatopoeia. Your thrusted into a situation contrasting between everyday life and a vigorous fight for life.

    And then it begins just as you get the answer as to what is about to happen your drawn right back in, full tilt. With clever use of some onomatopoeia and interesting yet suspenseful camera shot choices this episodes delivers for the 11 minutes it's running...

    Like a sexy acid trip from hell, your made as though to feel like our main character with subtle details picked out from the backdound. Epmty streets but massive buildings, An operator who has heard the same thing a thousand times, or even the fact that you don't even see the cab driver.

    This episode was very thrilling to watch. It was a rollercoaster of settling down and winding back up. The details were all but what brought this whole episode together definitely a must watch of the series.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Excellent animation. No real story. Not sure if the end can be considered a twist, since it is essentially spoiled immediatly.
  • By no means a masterpiece, 'The Witness' is still my favourite episode of this series so far. The animation is even better than that of its beautifully animated predecessors, the story is so simple that it's perfect for the short format, and the anxious atmosphere is conveyed compellingly through the episode's extraordinary visuals. It's also a surreal trip with gratuitous sexual content that is at once uncomfortable and erotic. There's not much substance here, but the style is a whole lot of fun and it's a visual spectacle!
  • amazon-299991 April 2019
    I looked up more about it and turns out the director Alberto Mielgo also worked on Spiderman:Into the Spiderverse which also had stunning animation and style.

    I've watched this several times now and I like it more every time I see it. That rarely happens to me. It's raw and visceral and on many levels you experience it beyond just the sights and the sounds. If they didn't intend to control your heart through the screen then it was an amazing accident.

  • Mind blowing, top quality animation. Perfect futuristic cyberpunk landscape. The story was a bit predictable but it's definitely worth watching for the visuals alone.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Firstly, I just want to say this is one of the most brilliant animations I have seen. This episode in particular is a favourite bevause it reminded me a lot of Spiderverse. I love how unpredictable it was because I thought this was a loop that would always end with the man killing the witness. Turns out I was wrong. Can't help but think this surprise would have been much better had they not shown the dead body who was the witness but instead focused on showing the shock of the man after he realises this could be a loop. Can't wait to see the next episode and see what they have to offer.
  • guilhermelopes-8691619 March 2019
    Good: Alternative animation, great ending, chase sequence, strip sequence.
  • This is what might happen if Alice fell down the rabbit hole after taking a dose of LSD

    The story is weird and interesting and is, as far as I can tell, a combination of a small amount of real animation or "green screen" work... plus, for the actors involved, the result of running a video of real people through a digital special effects "rotoscope" filter

    So (in my view) the people in this episode are mostly real... including the full nudity... after the original video was processed to simulate animation... do a search for rotoscope movies and/or rotoscoping to see what I mean

    The 2005 movie Sin City and 2014 Sin City: A Dame to Kill for are included in a list of rotoscoped movies
  • This was just a showoff for the new animation style, which is completely awesome, however, that does not mean to give a void episode with an obvious and expected ending, if it weren't for the animation i would give it a 2
  • Late for a gig a woman overhears a fight and gets caught staring at the massacre. Although the plot twist at the end becomes clear after about 2 minutes, the entire thing is made so wonderfully creative you keep watching it anyway.
  • I love that the animation is similar to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. It doesn't have much of a story but it has a great ending.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A short film about a sex worker who witnesses a murder and is then chased by the murderer. The majority of the film is a chase sequence, reminiscent of Run Lola Run. Spoilers: On two occasions the murderer is able to confront the witness and begs for her to simply hear his side of the story, implying that he might be somehow innocent. However, his actions aren't consistent with his words, as he is trying to physically grab her at this time, instead of maintaining a nonthreatening distance.

    At the end of the film the witness is forced to kill the murderer in self defense, justifiably fearing for her own life. She herself is witnessed in this action, by a bystander, and the film implies that she is now the murderer and will have to chase down a witness of her own. Unfortunately, this twist really failed to land with me, as it felt logical that she would go to the police in this situation, rather than attempting a cover-up.

    Otherwise, the film was visually striking and the twist, if not 'logical', was at least poetic. 6/10
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