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  • Bree Mills in her DVD compilations of material from her many websites has become frugal lately, cutting back the usual quota of four or five vignettes to just three, as in "Awakening".

    Fortunatley, the title segment is a real winner, worth the price of admission. It casts Angela as a doctor with arresting decolletage, who is taking care of girl-in-a-coma Serena Blair. Eliza Jane shows her acting skills in a brief but effective NonSex Role as Serena's wife, who leaves her bedside (presumably to go out and enjoy a ham sandwich), leaving Angela to be there to witness the miraculous reawakening of the slumbering lass.

    Serena has lost her memory, but immediately bonds with the busty caregiver, wanting to embrace her rather than her unknown wife. It makes for a fun scene as Blair, the most talented of Bree's troupe of handsome ladies, seduces the reluctant White whose Hippocratic Oath apparently made no mention of getting too involved with one's patients.

    The other scenes are more routine, with a blonde-on-blonde bit of filler pairing a still-young looking Lexi Belle with MILF Cherie DeVille, and Eva Lovia getting sexually blackmailed by one of her students (Scarlett Sage) when latter finds her selling escort services on a website, advertising herself as "Teacher by day, freak by night".