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  • lor_21 February 2019
    Ella Hughes, identified in IMDB by her as yet unverified (by me) bit part on an episode of no less than "Game of Thrones", is one of porn's secret weapons -lending her red hair, pointy nipples, botox lips and dulcet tones when speaking to a host of Brit and Euro porn videos. This assignment for Private is entertaining though paper-thin DiSanto mining of one of his favorite genres: the country inn.

    Ella owns one, presumably in England, and hosts swinging couples there. The sex scenes feature both swappers and folks making do with their mates, given a swinging novelty of having the rest of the cast often watch as the principals are having sex.

    Ella is matched up with Ben Kelly, a veteran Brit Porn performer whose roles have dwindled in recent years. Ella's dialog mentions Julia De Lucia and Potro flying in from Barcelona for their scene, which is probably true.

    IR content is provided by Sensi and Rina Ellis, but their scene seems wholly extraneous and not properly integrated into the feature as a whole. Showiest action is provided by busty Barbie Sins, cast as the hotel's resident pole dancer (what inn would be complete without one?).