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  • asobitan21 May 2020
    Finally an original African based high school drama series! I was pleasantly surprised by this and watched the whole thing all at once. I was impressed that we saw many aspects of South African culture in regards to the dialects, music, political affairs etc The series itself is easy to enjoy, there were definitely aspects where you're shouting at the TV but it's all in gest. Can't wait for season 2!
  • I don't know how the rating on this is so low. Most of the reviews rate it high. It was a really entertaining series. Yes, it involved high school students, but that doesn't mean that it can't be good. I ended up binge watching every episode because I had to see what happened. It ended pretty decent. But, now we just have to wait for Season 2. Please!
  • Virginia_Lee_RI20 May 2020
    I mainlined this series because I simply had to know what was happening next. I'd have given it ten * if the ending had been more satisfactory.

    It's compelling TV. The characters are believable and the cast really good. The writing is well-crafted and I was enthralled.

    It has soap opera qualities, but at a high level. Sure, parts of it were a tad cliched, but the story and developing mystery make up for that.

    I enjoyed it thoroughly, though I'd be lying if I said the ending was completely satisfactory. I look forward to a second season.
  • deznii20 May 2020
    Binged this today, very good story and brilliant series
  • vjmatinde22 May 2020
    The mystery of the story is still intriguing even though we know where it is going. This is a satisfactory series and brings out the Cape Town/SA's culture. It is worth watching.
  • delinois20 May 2020
    Loved season 1. Binged the whole series in 1 day. Can't wait for season 2!
  • I feel this show was a little slow at first, but once you get into it, it was pretty addictive. I expected more from this show considering the director involved, but it still surpassed my expections. I do hope for a season 2 after that ending.
  • I am asian This story looks fun, resembling ELITE. The plot of the child disappeared into a mysterious case after a huge mystery.
  • This series starts off well, with a story that has a bit of structure to it, however, the acting is mediocre at best, though I do think editing could have saved it. Whoever was the dp, did an amazing job, as the use of focal lengths was great. I'd like to see a story similar to this, just with better acting and tighter editing. Then it would have been great... If you don't analyse films (like I do) when watching them, then it may be a good binge, but I wouldn't waste your time, it felt more like a high quality student series than a Netflix show...
  • Not understanding why some gave it a very low rating other than they didn't bother watching the entire season. I actually enjoyed it. Great acting as well. Really hoping there will be a Season 2 sooner than later.
  • Got my attention and I'm locked in! Binge watched season 1! Now where season 2?? This is a great series. The only series i enjoy is All American! But now i can watch this as well....
  • I started this show at midnight last night and somehow I've binged the whole season in a day! This was a really good show and a good mystery. I was so proud to see high quality content coming from South Africa and seeing a lifestyle in Africa that bucks the typical perception we get shown of Africa in America. Good show!
  • naxthalie26 May 2020
    Entertaining, good acting. Love the sense of humor. Fun to watch.

    When is season 2?
  • Amazing series! Binge watched it in one day! We need season 2, worth a watch!
  • This was really good! I was skeptical at first but once you are drawn in, it keeps rolling! So disappointed it was over quickly! Bring this back please!!!
  • mekava21 May 2020
    I can't wait until season 2. Season 1 was great every moment had you guessing what was going to happen next. It was like on of those good Lifetime movies. Good job on the storyline, the plot & I think the acting was very good. I love series that keep you guessing or have a twist to it. Please give us a 2nd season!!
  • poohead4521 May 2020
    I love me some high school dramas!

    I've watched so many things lately and most of them have not been good.

    This entertained me. I liked the characters. Almost everyone is hot of course. Predictable story, but most things are.

    The way it ended I can't wait for season 2
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show hit Netflix on Wednesday and the premise interested me so I decided to watch the 6 episode first season of South African show Blood & Water and here is my review. The premise of the show sees a teenage attempt to track down her long lost sister who was kidnapped before she was born, she thinks she makes a breakthrough when she meets a girl who fits the profile. Main Character The main character is a girl called Puleng and I thought she was fine as a lead, obviously with the subject matter you are rooting for her and it is interesting to see her try and work out the mystery and you want her too. It's just as a character there isn't much to her, she even does some questionable actions which makes you question whether you are meant to like her as she does use people just for her investigation and not really to be friends with. Supporting Characters The main supporting character is Fikale and she is the generic popular girl at the school, she is important to the show but the show tries to make you feel sympathy for her but I just found it really difficult. The rest of the cast just aren't particularly interesting, they are as cliche as they get and none of them are very likeable. It's a shame as there is some potential but the characters aren't wriiten well enough for you to care about any of them. Story The story again has plenty of potential, the investigatory stuff by Puleng is interesting at times, you find out things pretty much the same time as she does and you are with her most of the way on her journey until her character does some questionable things. The problem is that this show is full of high school drama, there are like 3 or 4 love triangles and they just aren't done very well, I don't hat all love triangles if they are executed well but this show tries too many and doesn't really do them well. Again there is one storyline in particular involving her father but it isn't highlighted enough or explored enough and if there is a second season that is something I would like to see futher developed. Script The script is okay, there is actually some decent dramatic moments in the show that rises it up a bit, it's just there is not enough of these moments. Also for a bunch of teenagers they are really not that funny which feels weird in a group especially the popular kids as you would feel in a school situation at least one of them would be funny to a certain extent. Style I always like seeing shows or films with different settings and a highlight for me was for sure the South African setting as for someone who isn't from there it added something for sure and made this pretty generic show feel a bit less generic. Though even though it is only 6 episodes the pacing is pretty slow and maybe could have done with only four episodes to streamline it a bit which I think would have improved it. Overall Overall, this is a forgettable show, there is some real potential here but it feels very generic and by the numbers in its current format and I would say this is one you can avoid for now.
  • anetulrychova21 May 2020
    I really love this tv show, interesting storyline and great actors, it's really addictive
  • jasnilsen20 May 2020
    Honestly, whoever was responsible for shooting the series did a GREAT job. However, the stroryline is predictable and the acting is horrible. Watch it if you want to waste time, but don't expect to get thoroughly entertained.
  • This show has good potential but overall I find it somewhat disappointing. It's potential lies in its cast. Each person is cast perfectly. Each actor delivers their character's story brilliantly. It's also a beautifully filmed series with some great cinematography. There are wonderful moments in this show and the storyline is a great idea. My disappointment is in the execution. Too many times the script has far too much overly dramatic flair. The show can become too soap opera with many dumb decisions and actions especially by the main character. There is a lot of unnecessary fluff which really drags the series from the main story and therefore prolongs the eventual outcome. Because of all these unnecessary diversions, the simple story of a girl seeking the truth about her abducted sister has been transformed into a South African Beverly Hills 90210. Overall, this show should have been only one season but instead there will be more. Sadly after viewing all of the soap opera antics, who knows how the original storyline of a child abduction will, when our even ever come to a conclusion.
  • This show exceeded my expectations! The storylines, dialogue, acting, and cinematography were all great and I love that it was set in South Africa, a country I've always wanted to visit. I enjoy teen dramas in general so it was nice to find one set in Africa and the plot kept me hooked/engaged. I hope there's a season 2 after that ending!
  • Great series! Gripping story, easily binge-worthy. Fantastic African original.
  • boikhutsom21 May 2020
    South Africans stand up...this is the best series !! i enjoyed every episode, the storyline, the acting skills. great Job !!!
  • I started watching this show at 11:00 pm one night. I did not sleep until I had watched EVERY episode. It's that good. The storyline, and characters are all great. Love it! Can wait for season 2.
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