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  • mutantdani16 October 2019
    Beautiful tale about nature, magic sea wild connection with humans and universe. Don't try to understand the meaning, just enjoy the mysticism.
  • Beautiful scenario and great soundtrack. Bring out the mystic feeling of the deep sea. However, the story is quite difficult to understand, a bit obscure. The original comic is better about the storytelling.
  • I went to see this film, mainly because the French critics were rave and eulogistic. Do I have the right to be honest? I did not understand anything about this overly complex and dreamlike cartoon. This metaphysical fable immerses the audience in the deepest seas, in a stream of visually stunning but incomprehensible sequences. I managed to stay until the end hoping for an explanatory denouement. Thus, I left the movie theater both frustrated and disappointed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film is up there with the wildest trip movies you've ever seen. The animation is truly breathtaking. Not really for children, although my 5-year old daughter asked me "why is everything here?" after watching it earlier today. Beyond the basic point that all life is connected and the universe is a mystery, I'm not too sure what exactly was happening. But my brain's desire for narrative order was gloriously irrelevant.
  • Carrying the light generated by the birth of a star while swirling with the strength of a perfect spiral, the song of the ocean celebrates life since its origins along with the memories left after every look and breath scattered in a breeze and brought together by the power of a storm... A feast for the senses on an outer journey towards within where the core palpitates in a multidimensional spectrum brighter than a diamond, that one that we carry inside.
  • It was a colorful animation but i did not understand the story, may be I should have smoked some weed and then watched this movie.
  • efclair22 October 2020
    I'll be honest, I'm a sucker for these really crazy and sort of big picture type movies, but this one still has me thinking. First off I want to say the animation was beautiful stunning and a majority of the art sequences we're pretty drawn out, yet totally hypnotic, but...They lost me in the plot. Don't get me wrong, I thought the story introduced very intriguing notions about life, but I feel like it started to pile on too quickly and the many questions were being asked, were ones that the story wasn't going to keep up with. I don't think it's the case where a movie asks these big questions just to appear deep, but I think the questions and confusion were part of the story. I won't have any spoilers, but if your watching it, don't try to stress yourself thinking about it too much because a part of it isn't meant to be understood. Really everything that happens just encompasses the wildness of life, and after watching the movie, it really should be called, "Children of Infinity."
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When I seen the trailer for this movie, I expected it to be a movie with great animation as well as a compelling storyline with relatable or interesting characters, which isn't the case. The animation is overall beautiful with realistic movements, smooth movements, and extreme detail in every frame, however, the style of the human faces is very disturbing and creepy as the eyes of each human/ human-like character are huge with realistic looking mouths. When watching the movie, you get used to the faces for the most part, however, certain scenes in the film make the characters look very creepy and inhuman which can be hard to watch. So the animation gets an 9/10. I watched the English dub of the film, which was a very good dub. The only time that dubs are not very good are when the same voice actors from other anime films dub characters with the same voice, most of the voice actors in this film are new at voice acting and are actually pretty good at it, with some only being in a few live action tv series, while others are new at acting in general. The voice acting is 10/10. Now the reason why this film is did so bad in my opinion is for its terrible storyline. The beginning of the film is ok, where it shows Ruka, who is a preteen that hurts a girl who was rude to her, this causes her to get emotional and to go to the aquarium where her dad works. There, she meets a human boy named Umi, who grew up with sea life with another boy named Sora. Ruka eventually meets both Ruka and Sora and talks to them, however, after this moment I completely got lost in the storyline, with so much happening in a short amount of time. Sora disappears after giving something to Ruka, afterwards Umi stops speaking and eventually disappears also. After all of this happens, a whole bunch of animated fish and whales gather around Ruka as she says something about being the universe. After this she is found by her parents in the water, it then shows her walking across the street like she did in the beginning of the film, she sees someone and guess who it is? Is it Umi? Is it Sora? No!!! It's the rude girl that Ruka hurry in the beginning of the film. I have no idea what the symbolism is or even if there is any, The middle and end of the film run the whole movie, atleast in Your Name, the two main characters see each other at the end, but no, they had to show us the girl from the beginning, I can't be the only person who wanted to see Umi and/ or Sora come back. The storyline in this film is 2/10. Overall, if the storyline was better than this would've been a good movie, but sadly it wasn't so The movie isn't.
  • Almost a week after seeing this movie and I'm still trying to digest it, I'm honestly having a hard time placing my feelings for it.

    The one thing I can say without a doubt is that Children of the Sea is absolutely stunning to look at. The animation on display here is like nothing I've ever seen.

    My main hang up is the story. The characters are likable and the plot is intriguing, but it absolutely goes off the deep end in the last third and that's where my hangups lie. It becomes incredibly hard to follow which makes its ending not quite land the way it should have. Some plot threads don't feel entirely fleshed out, but are simultaneously wrapped around the plot at large to make them thematically relevant.

    I think I walked away glad that I saw it, but it's going to be a hard sell to people I know.
  • Children of the Sea is the story of Ruka (Mana Ashida), the daughter of marine biologist, who befriends two boys at the local aquarium during her summer vacation. The only peculiarity being that the boys have been raised in the sea by a group of dugongs and are somehow connected to a mysterious gathering of sea life soon to be on the way. But what's her connection to all this?

    It's a very nice looking film. The character models are somewhat simplistic, which seems to be all the rage in modern anime, but the backgrounds and especially all the underwater scenes are simply breathtaking. Definitely one of the nicest depictions of sea life I've seen, in anime or anywhere else for that matter.

    That story though. It starts out nice enough. Ruka is nice and spunky, and I like that she's in no way perfect as shown right from the start. The boys are more of a mixed package. Umi is rather unobjectionable but Sora is so very... anime. He stands out from the other character, who are for the most part more realistic, and in a rather jarring manner. Then again... there's that old woman sea captain, who's simply nightmare fuel, so perhaps Sora is not the only one to stand out.

    But back to the story. The first two thirds are fine. But near the end the film suddenly and with no warning whatsoever goes all Tree of Life style art film on us. And I still, weeks later, have no idea what exactly happened.

    It's not a bad film and perhaps that ending will find a following of its own as the years pass. But I can't really recommend the film to a more casual anime fan.
  • The anime was beautiful and a stunningly presented. The background score was simple and unobtrusive, but soundly reinforced the imagery.

    The story itself involves a young girls journey through a single summer, evolving from childhood into adolescence. The major theme is the linking of the cosmic with the mundane and how they are essentially the same. The primary story deals more with the cosmic while the postscript after the ending credits deals with the mundane and links them as equally fascinating.

    My major criticism of this film does not involve a lack of artistry within the production as every aspect was exemplary. The problem will be with the Western audiences lack of understanding of Buddhism in general and it's philosophical association with everyday life. What may seem entirely sensical and logically told as a story in Japan may not even be recognized as a such in say North America. Still, I found it highly beautiful and enjoyable. Sadly, others without an understanding of the philosophical underpinnings will not.
  • The film was really messy and felt sort of pointless. It had some interesting philosophical thoughts, but it didn't seem to explore them at all. The characters feel really distant and I couldn't understand at all why they're in the story and what they were doing. The story didn't work at all since it has no narrative. Sometimes a movie might be telling the story by visuals, but it didn't seem to do it in that way either. I woudn't even say that this looks awesome. It has some pretty looking elements, but I didn't really like how they animated faces.
  • It starts surprisingly mundane. then mystery is added to drama, then romance. and it all goes ok, but then everything is abandoned for a mix of an early religion, cosmology etc. and that goes for a very long time and gets extremely boring.
  • Beautiful story and stunning colors, a nice tales of the sea