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  • The carelessness that stymies many a Girlfriends Films release is evident in #12 of this painfully repetitious series. Prinzzess rolls out her familiar bossiness and rumor-mongering to dominate the show.

    Unfortunately her individual scenes do not fit together properly, as the Girlfriends masterminds seem wedded to porn's "primacy of the scene" rather than considering a feature as an artistic whole.

    She arrives at Zoey Holloway's house seeking the kid Hayden (Lily Carter, who like Prinzzess as Felicity is accorded a character name in this series). Only Zoey is home at the moment, so P gives her a hard time, confronting her with a photo on her phone showing Zoey and Hayden at a pornshop buying a strap-on dildo. P harangues the lady, and then suggests that she has a girl, found via Net Skirts website (another Girlfriends series) who would be just right for Zoey to sample.

    So we have Zoey visiting that girl's home, and there is Bree Daniels (styled as a blonde) to greet her and hump her.

    An unrelated scene is the show's highlight as Aryana Augustine and Taylor Vixen, two similar looking busty brunettes (one could imagine them competing for the same role) having sensual sex.

    The show continues with Prinzzess returning to Zoey's house but asking for Taylor this time, presumably a lame attempt to try and integrate these scenes. Vixen isn't home and P has a conversation with Zoey that seems to utterly contradict their previous acrimonious scene. Then surprise, surprise, P mentions that Bree reports enjoying her orgasms propelled by sex wiith Zoey, and she wants the same treatment. Zoey obliges, as porno logic reigns supreme.

    Not to overlook a sexual opportunity, show ends with Prinzzess hooking up with Lily Carter, now that she has sampled her step-mom's wonders. Lily protests: "I'm not really a lesbian", a goofy remark given her endless Sapphic activities in this series, and P naturally gets some.