This movie takes place in the East-Netherlands region of Twente, and most dialogue is spoken in the regional language, Twents. The director and principle cast all come from Twente as well.

In the original screenplay, Jan (Herman Finkers) spent only a brief time in the clinic for demented patients. Finkers greatly expanded the interaction between Jan and his fellow patients (which he found "both comedic and tragic"), based on his own experience with some of his own family members who suffered from Alzheimer's disease.

When director Johan Nijenhuis heard of the Czech comedy Tiger Theory (2016) from his colleague Pavel Marik, he was immediately interested in doing a Dutch remake. He approached comedian Herman Finkers, with whom he wanted to work for a long time, for the main part. Finkers agreed on a few conditions: he wanted to rewrite the screenplay, have a say in casting (as it was his long-time wish to work with Johanna ter Steege), and be involved in the final cut. Finkers described his re-write as "renovating a farm by leaving the original facade and beams, but re-doing the masonry".

Herman Finkers was responsible for the dialogue in the Twents dialect. He said that the difficult part was finding a suitable Dutch translation for the subtitles, because the dialect allowed him to be much less subtle in the wording.

Director Johan Nijenhuis, known mostly for his lighthearted romcoms like Verliefd op Ibiza (2013), has stated that this will be his first movie without a happy end.