10 Things to Know About "The Last Man on Earth" Season 4

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IMDb took a cruise with cast members of "Last Man on Earth" as they revealed what to expect from the show's fourth season, which starts on the water. — Sharon Knolle

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January Jones, Mary Steenburgen, Will Forte, Mel Rodriguez, Kristen Schaal, Cleopatra Coleman, and Keith L. Williams in The Last Man on Earth (2015)

1. There are Hijinks on the High Seas

In early September 2017, IMDb took a cruise with "The Last Man on Earth" cast members, where they revealed what to expect from the show's fourth season. It picks up right where Season 3 ended: on a boat, as Pamela (Kristen Wiig) makes a surprise appearance and saves the day.

They're still on their way to Mexico as they flee nuclear fallout. But there's a slight snag, naturally.

Kristen Wiig in The Last Man on Earth (2015)

2. Wiig Makes Waves

The appearance of Pamela (Kristen Wiig) is initially a good thing, as she saves Tandy's (Will Forte) life. But when she really hits it off with him, pregnant wife Carol (Kristen Schaal) isn't happy.

Forte couldn't tell us how many episodes Wiig or guest star Chris Elliott are in. "They're both super busy, and we're lucky to get them for the amount that we did," he says. The most he would say? "We [wrapped our] sixth episode, and they're no longer there."

That's good news for Carol. And possibly for Schaal, who admitted it got confusing on set with two Kristens: "[The crew] would always just say 'Kristen,' and I'd have to figure out who they meant."

Kristen Wiig in The Last Man on Earth (2015)

3. The Dog Stays in the Picture

Pamela's pampered pooch, Jeremy, makes a lot of friends on the boat. But like guest star Kristen Wiig, he won't be a series regular.

Forte reveals that although Jeremy is no longer on the show, he's safe and sound. "We'd never kill off a dog," Forte says. Kristen Schaal shares that the dog's real name is Napoleon and that the highly trained canine might make even more money than she does.

January Jones, Mary Steenburgen, Mel Rodriguez, Kristen Schaal, Cleopatra Coleman, and Keith L. Williams in The Last Man on Earth (2015)

4. There's a Dinghy, and Not Everyone Loved It

A plot twist puts most of the cast in a dinghy for a while — scenes that were filmed in a real boat on a real body of water.

Kristen Schaal, who was wearing anti-nausea bracelets on the cruise and drinking ginger ale to combat seasickness, says that she had a rough time. "On the dinghy, that was scary," she says. "The sun gets really hot, too. Yeah, that was real. It was all real."

Will Forte, Mel Rodriguez, and Keith L. Williams in The Last Man on Earth: M.U.B.A.R. (2017)

5. They Disembark, Eventually

Luckily, the entire season won't be set on a boat. Keith L. Williams, who plays Jasper, shares that they do eventually make it to Mexico. Good thing, Mel Rodriguez says.

"I did that remake of Overboard recently, so we were on the boat there for two months, then we were on the boat for the show," he says. "I'm done with boats for a little while."

Mary Steenburgen and Cleopatra Coleman in The Last Man on Earth (2015)

6. Erica and Gail Get Closer

Cleopatra Coleman says Erica and Gail's relationship reaches a new level in Season 4. "In Season 1 we had our little relationship, and it was more about lust. 'There's no one else on Earth; let's just do what we gotta do' situation. Now it's about love," she says.

Mary Steenburgen, who plays Gail, says, "I think there's a reference in the first episode where we think we're the only two people left on Earth, so we had a relationship. Now their relationship has evolved, but it's a sweet, fun thing."

Will Forte and Kristen Schaal in The Last Man on Earth (2015)

7. Forte Promises 'Exciting Things,' Ugly Hair

"We have some very exciting things in the works," Will Forte says, adding that there may be significant guest stars he can't reveal yet.

Will we see more hair-related trauma for Tandy?

"Yes, some of the [story lines] entail some incredibly ugly hairstyles. I'm just excited my eyebrows are growing back," he says.

Kristen Schaal in The Last Man on Earth (2015)

8. Carol is Ready to Pop

Kristen Schaal confirms that Carol and Tandy's baby is on its way: "She'll be giving birth; it is going to happen this season. And thank god. I've been wearing a pregnancy belly for a while."

As for how Tandy will be as a father? Will Forte says, "I feel like Tandy will try very hard and will probably bumble his way through fatherhood with the best intentions."

Chris Elliott in Better Off Single (2016)

9. Everybody Loves Chris Elliott

The comic guest stars in the first few episodes as a man they meet on a desert island.

"Chris Elliott was one of my comedy heroes," Will Forte says. "I grew up watching those early Letterman shows."

Mel Rodriguez shares that his mom thought Elliott's series "Get a Life" was "demonic." "I told Chris, and he got such a kick out of it," Rodriguez says. "And he said, 'Yeah, it was kind of demonic.'"

January Jones and Mel Rodriguez in The Last Man on Earth (2015)

10. The Honeymoon Resumes for Todd and Melissa

January Jones says that in Season 4, "The honeymoon does resume in a positive way."

Mel Rodriguez adds that marriage has been good for Todd: "He has more purpose, something to live for. And although Melissa doesn't want kids and Todd really does, I think Todd settled with the fact that he's with the woman of his dreams. So if that's part of the deal, he's accepting it."

As for the rest of the crew, Jones teases ominous things to come. "You're going to see some things being rocked within the group," she says. "There might be a marriage, there might be a divorce, there might be a death."