10 Things You Might Not Know About the "Power" Cast

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As Season 4 moves to Season 5, here's a look at the surprising facts about the stars of STARZ's drama. — Tony Stasiek

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Omari Hardwick, Naturi Naughton, and Brandon Victor Dixon in Power (2014)

With STARZ airing the final Season 4 episode of its popular drama "Power," the network's longest-running program, here's a look at 10 potentially surprising facts about the show's ever-shifting cast.

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Omari Hardwick in Power (2014)

Totally ballin'

Star Omari Hardwick, who plays James St. Patrick (aka Ghost or Jamie), attended the University of Georgia on a football scholarship. His teammates included former Pittsburgh Steelers standout and TV personality Hines Ward. Since then, Hardwick has also mentored NBA stars Kyrie Irving and Draymond Green, he told ESPN.

Omari Hardwick in Power (2014)

Totally not trippin'

According to a few news sources, Hardwick turned down a role in the recent hit comedy Girls Trip, in which he was to portray the husband of one of the key characters.

Donshea Hopkins and Michael Rainey Jr. in Power (2014)

"Street" smart

St. Patrick's son, Tariq, has played an increasingly larger role in the show, with more to chew on for actor Michael Rainey Jr. Rainey's first acting role had a bit of a different plot line, as he debuted on-screen on the longtime PBS show "Sesame Street."

Omari Hardwick and Jerry Ferrara in Power (2014)

"Ask me anything about Mr. Belding"

Jerry Ferrara, who plays Ghost's attorney Joe Proctor, is probably best known for portraying hanger-on Turtle in HBO's "Entourage." But his TV affinities may rest elsewhere: Ferrara told Us Weekly that he not only is an award-winning "Saved by the Bell" trivia buff but has also used the name Zack Morris, Mark-Paul Gosselaar's character on the show, as a pseudonym in public.

Naturi Naughton in Power (2014)

From platinum to "Power"

Naturi Naughton, who plays Ghost's wife, Tasha, was an original member of the R&B trio 3LW. She sang on the group's certified-platinum debut album, toured with Destiny's Child, and appeared on the 9/11 benefit single "What More Can I Give?" with Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, and others. Her trajectory to acting carried the musical spirit, as she portrayed Lil' Kim in 2009's Notorious.

50 Cent and Rotimi in Power (2014)

"Come give me a hug"

Naughton isn't the only cast member whose stylings can be heard "In da Club." Executive producer Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, who plays Ghost's boss, Kanan, is one of the most successful music stars of the mid-2000s. His 2003 anthem "In da Club" topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for nine weeks and reportedly set records as the most-played song in radio history at the time. It has appeared in films and shows from Soul Plane to "The Wire."

La La Anthony and Naturi Naughton in Power (2014)

Speaking of Soul Plane ...

"Power" star La La Anthony portrayed herself in the 2004 movie on account of her early career as a host of MTV's "Total Request Live." She and 50 Cent also participated in the show's 2008 finale. Will they adorn the recently annnounced reboot?

Joseph Sikora and Rotimi in Power (2014)

Running with the Bull

Joseph Sikora plays Tommy Egan, who worked under Kanan with Ghost and is then left to fend for himself. Sikora himself has acted alongside luminaries such as Tom Cruise (Jack Reacher) and Leonardo DiCaprio (Shutter Island). But his first big co-star came from the world of sports, as his first TV gig was a commercial starring Michael Jordan.

Lela Loren in Power (2014)

Fabulism, with a chance of meatballs

As prosecutor Angela Valdes, Lela Loren balances truth and lies, the past and future, and her personal and professional allegiances. In real life, she has a brother who is the executive chef of multiple Italian restaurants. From his restaurant bio: "I rose up fast, and at the tender age of 4, I was running the largest and most ruthless drug cartel in all of Michoacán." A law degree likely is not required to suss out the exaggeration on that one.

J.R. Ramirez in Power (2014)

Really feelin' it

J.R. Ramirez's character of Julio did not necessarily have the most successful Season 4. Despite rising through the ranks, (spoiler alert) his season ended prematurely with his character ambushed and murdered. It hurt Ramirez, too: He says he broke his hand and finger while filming Julio's final scene. Next up: He appears in Sun Dogs, the directorial debut of Jennifer Morrison ("Once Upon a Time," "House").