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The Other Sister

My sides hurt and my eyes are red !!! I'll buy it !!!
I have seen and rented many many movies - but I can not remember a performance like Juliette Lewis gave ... Her portrayal of Carla Tate was wonderful. This is a funny, moving, and statement making movie about how people are people and we all have our challenges and that loving each other no matter what is what's really important ... I will buy this ... I laughed, raised my eyebrows with Carla, and cried several times. I think the people most challenged were the "normal" people ... I may even go again next weekend !!! 9 of 10 !!! Most people clapped when it was over !!! When was the last time that happened ... ???

Jane Austen's Mafia!

Almost as bad as they can get !!!
I very much enjoy comedies - this movie was almost never funny and a waste of time ... Absolutely in the bottom 1% of all movies I've even seen (and there have been 100's if not 1000s)...

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