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  • As with most recent movie parodies, Mafia! also fails to deliver anything but one or two chuckles (literally, and take one away if you haven't seen CASINO). No laughing out loud here, folks. To really experience a funny movie, rent THE NAKED GUN or go see THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY. Those two will definitely deliver the goods.
  • There's Something About Mary is undoubtedly the funniest movie of the decade. The Farrelly Bros. (DUMB & DUMBER, KINGPIN) have pushed hilarity to an all new level with this one. They take FULL advantage of their first R-rated movie, supplying us with some really shocking and unexpected scenes that some people will probably take offense to, but nonetheless are guaranteed to make you double up in your seats from laughter. But the movie also has a surprising sweetness about it, which separates MARY from The Farrelly's previous films (which were very funny). Great performances from everyone involved (especially Diaz and Stiller). The end credits montage and song are the perfect closing for this outstanding comedy. This is a must see!! !