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Follow Me, Boys!

A well-acted feel-good tear-jerker
I was six years old when I saw this movie in the theaters in 1966. Back then the screens were big and a little kid like me, seeing other kids on screen looking bigger-than-life, wanted to be just like them. I never joined the boy scouts, but the film's somewhat typical Disney values definitely had an influence on me. Now let's fast-forward almost 40 years later and look at the film from a grown-up perspective. The acting here is marvelous. Anyone over 40 knows all about Fred MacMurray and the great actor that he was, both on TV and in films. Throw in the pretty Vera Miles, the legendary Lillian Gish, and the I-know-his-voice-from-Saturday-morning-cartoons Charlie Ruggles, and it all comes together nicely. The best part of this film? Not the catchy Sherman Brothers theme song...but perhaps one of the best child-actor performances ever...Kurt Russel. Want a movie where you'll cry a bit but then feel real good at the end? Follow this one!

The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby

"Who calls so loud?" I do...to say you must see this production!
While Hundred-dollar tickets seem commonplace today, back in 1981 it created quite a stir when "Nicholas Nickleby" came to Broadway. But from what I heard, the 9 hour/two day event was worth every penny. I remember seeing the taped London production on television, and was thrilled to see it once again preserved now on DVD. What makes this theatrical event so memorable? It would be easy to say the story...it is, after all, Dickens. But I think the reason is simply everything seemed to fall into place all at once...expert casting, terrific acting, wonderful costumes, simple yet effective sets, and, though not at first so obvious, the music. Wonderful music. One bit of fun: trying to recognize the actors as they appear in different roles; some as many as five each!

A Thousand Clowns

A Thousand reasons to love this film!
Most of us have "favorite" films that we think no one else in the world has seen. You just want to tell everyone to go out and rent it, hoping that they too will say, "Wow, what a movie! I can't believe I've never seen it before!" "A Thousand Clowns" is just such a film. Rarely seen on television, this Oscar nominated (best picture) Oscar winning (best supporting actor/Martin Balsam) film is special in many ways. Superbly cast (child actor Barry Gordon is a must see!) and smartly written. The satire and tragedy blend so well you will be caught laughing and crying at the same time throughout the movie.1000 Thumbs up!

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