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The Saint

The WORST screenplay EVER
I knew that the director was going to ignore the books and earlier films concerning Simon Templar, but I had no idea just how inept this new version would be. The entire film is a setup for a sequel, but they didn't even do that well. An antagonistic relationship between Scotland Yard and the Saint was established. Then, although the yard KNEW that Shue's character was in love with him, they didn't tail her car when she went to see him. They wasted an opportunity for a sensitive conversation between Shue and Kilmer during which they could have had her implant the value of philanthropic work (perhaps waxing sentimental about her father's work, and her desire to do as much good as he did) and, instead, had him pace the room saying "She's too nice; I can't do this." It was embarrassing. The only reason implied for his sudden philanthropy at the end of the flick is the barbie-and-ken relationship they established between Shue and Kilmer. Miracle 1, miracle 2, miracle 3...that plot device makes lethal injection too good a "reward" for the writer. If they were really serious about a sequel, they should have made the first movie worth watching. There are so many plot choices that were mistakes, I won't go into them all. I'm a real Kilmer fan (after Tombstone) but was disgusted with the script for this film. Let's hope At First Sight turns out to be a better vehicle for him...

A Thousand Clowns

In black and white, but not a black and white story
The best part about this screenplay is that everyone has their say. It's not about making a hero at the expense of everyone else and their opinions. Even the humor-impaired social worker (William Daniels) gets his say in this thoughtful treatment of coming to terms with compromise and self-identity in modern life. I love this film. It was one of the first in my collection.

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