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Bad Girl

It's an intense story that engages me throughout. The acting is good, and the film is thrilling.

Baby, Baby, Baby

Love the cameos
It is a realistic film about a romance that changes with time. The huge celebrity cameos are striking, and is the highlight for me.

All Summers End

The summer that changed everything
This is a touching film that details the devastation to several young lives over the course of a guilt ridden summer. I find it very moving and I really feel for the characters.

A Nice Quiet Life

I guess it's a personal film for the filmmakers, as the experience of a gay carer isn't quite a mainstream story. I think the portrayals of the patient and the carer are both very realistic. It tells just how much schizophrenia can uproot young lives.

Getting It

It is quite a sweet story, and it doesn't come with all the stereotypes and cliches.

Ghosts of War

Effective and engaging
It's pretty fresh to have a military horror film! The scares are effective, and the plot is engaging. The ending twist is unexpected too. I liked it a lot.

Guest of Honour

Not very engaging
This story tells a complicated relationship between father and daughter. It is messed up, but it doesn't make me feel for the characters or the situation. I didn't find it engaging.

Guest Artist

It's not for me
This is a film where two people keep talking and talking. It seems like they never stop talking. It meanders until the final few minutes, when the conversation becomes meaningful. It may be an artistically accomplished film, but it's not for me.

Ghost Stories

Much better than expected
This horror film is much better than expected. It is scary, suspenseful and even offers a big unexpected twist at the end.

Palm Springs

Fresh and enjoyable
It's rare to get a time loop film that is not repetitive, but full of fresh scenes from beginning to the end. The story is fun and it's enjoyable to watch.


Good but puzzling at times
It is good to see a biographical film of Marie Curie. However, Hiroshima and Chernobyl are just not relevant to her life, and I'm puzzled by the addition of these events in this film.

Waiting for the Barbarians

Who are the barbarians?
This film makes the viewers question who are the real barbarians. I find it engaging and introspective. It's beautifully shot too.

The Tax Collector

Lacking in intensity
The film starts off alright, but quickly descends into confusion and boredom. There are so many characters and I can't follow who is who. There's little intensity or thrill either.

The Secret Garden

Pretty but boring
Not much happens in the film, and the characters are rather flat and dull. The colour scheme is beautiful, but it doesn't save the film from being a bore. I'm not the target demographic, so I thought it was pretty but boring.

She Dies Tomorrow

Not scary
There's almost no plot. It is not scary or suspenseful. It borders on being ridiculous, actually. I watched it at three times the speed and still thought it was boring.

Alpha Code

The story is so suspenseful and mysterious, that I just don't have a clue what is going on. The ending twist just adds more confusion.

An Invisible Sign

Warm and lovely
This is a warm and lovely story about a special woman navigating the world. The characters are likable, and I feel connected with them.

A Nice Girl Like You

Totally hilarious
This comedy is so funny, it's just off the charts. It made me laugh throughout the whole film. I recommend this totally hilarious comedy!

An American Pickle

An enjoyable comedy
The story is funny, sweet and even confronting at times. It has got everything to make you laugh, smile, cry and reflect. I enjoyed it.


It drained life out of me
The pace was very slow, and the plot became pretty obvious mid way. I was so bored that I became an empty vessel, which is akin to the characters in the film. It literally drained life out of me.

Animal Crackers

For very young children
This is for very young children. It has a very colourful palette. The characters are dichotomously good or evil. There is but much for adults, possibly except the star studded voice cast.

The Ballad of Jack and Rose

Cannot connect with the story
I just understand what is going on in the film. The father and daughter seem to have a very alternative, and even disturbed lives. I could not connect with the story, or feel for them at all.

The Peacemaker

I find the story quite intense. It's thrilling and enjoyable.

The Leading Man

This erotic thriller is quite engaging. The charming lead is a real bad boy, but I can't bring myself to hate him. I feel sorry for the victims of his manipulation.

The Last of the Mohicans

It is an engaging film of people caught between a war. The even better thing is that the romance of not contrived!

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