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Min pappa Marianne

I find this film brilliant. It convincingly tells the navigation of identity and sexuality of the transgender person, and the subsequent identity negotiation of family members. It is touching, real, and authentic. I recommend this to everyone.


Profound experience
I find this film absolutely captivating. Every single second is filled with heartfelt story. The actress playing Anita Mui is very good, and delivers much resemblances to Anita. This film gives me a profound experience, and I'm still in tears hours after watching it.


Spectacular visuals, but
The visuals of "Eternals" are spectacular. They look very real and very stylish. I also applaud the film for the diversity of the cast. However, the build up of the film is just too slow and too long, and I lost most of my interest and concentration when the final showdown begins. In addition, the one liner jokes are a little out of place and quite contrived. It is still an entertaining film, but probably not as great as the recent Marvel films.

Halloween Kills

Lacks a story
I haven't watched the previous Halloween films, so I don't really connect with the story. Actually, there's little story. It is just an excuse to film gory death scenes. I found it boring.

Prisoners of the Ghostland

Can't say I enjoyed it
The story of "Prisoners of the Ghostland" is poorly explained, and I don't really understand it. Visuals are strange, bordering on bizarre. I can't say I enjoyed it.

Poster Boys

Not very engaging
I thought the plot of "Poster Boys" wasn't very engaging. The characters are not likable, especially the kid who doesn't act his age. The pace of slow, and subplots don't really go anywhere.

This Is the Night

Deep and light hearted altogether
The story of "This Is the Night" is deep, but is delivered in a light hearted manner. The film spends a lot of time portraying the consequences of commenting on Rocky, which I think distracts attention from the beautiful subplot of the other son's journey of self discovery.

The Last Bus

Can't stop the tears
I never expected "The Last Bus" to be so touching. The story is told bit by bit through flashbacks, and gradually fills in the blanks. This enhances connection with viewers. Towards the final twenty minutes, I really feel for the old man, sand just can't stop the tears. The film is really beautiful, and portrays a plethora of deep emotions effectively.

The Many Saints of Newark

"The Many Saints of Newark" is full of events happening. I find the story engaging, even though I don't remember having watched "The Godfather" trilogy.

The Blazing World

Fragmented and confusing
The story is weird, and doesn't make much sense. The first half is too long, and the second half is too short. However, the ending doesn't make sense, and is very confusing. Overall, the film is slow, fragmented and confusing.

The Card Counter

"The Card Counter" explains the background, but doesn't explain the character's motivations and intentions. Events are laid out, but I don't understand why the story is like that. I find it a little confusing.

The Cleaner

Fairly interesting
"The Cleaner" is about a working class man who gets unexpectedly embroiled in something messy. The story itself is fairly interesting, but character development is inadequate, so I don't find myself caring for any of them.

The Last Castle

I find the story of "The Last Castle" very engaging and gripping. The characters really make you care about them. The ending is poignant, and my eyes get watery!

The Power of the Dog

A pleasant surprise
"The Power of the Dog" is a surprise to me, as I did not think the ending would turn out like this. I thought the emotions and pain that Phil, Rose and her son have to endure were remarkably portrayed.

The Starling

Feeling their pain and grief
"The Starling" is not a comedy, but a film for viewers to feel that characters' pain and grief. It is a nice surprise to see how the comedians could portray these deep feelings effectively.

The Nowhere Inn

Didn't work
The film has striking visuals, but that's about all the nice things I can say about it. There is no story. The film is basically a self-indulgent, narcissistic expression of "look at me, me me me me". If this film was made for the singer to promote herself, I'm afraid it didn't work. I'm actually put off by it.

Lady of the Manor

Fun and delightful
The story itself is fun and delightful. Characters are quite interesting, and are sympathetic. However, the unlady-like lead singer woman isn't very likable, and she is very annoying. If she was written to be slightly more serious, I would have enjoyed this film more.


A stunning house
The house is absolutely stunning, I wish I could live in it! The story is quite suspenseful, and I could not see the twist coming. I find the film engaging and interesting.

Ida Red

Adequately entertaining
The film is adequately entertaining, and offers some thrills. The portrayals of relationships between characters are good, but can be enhanced. I was a little confused about who was who at first.

Everybody's Talking About Jamie

Let it lift you up
This is a well made musical biography. The story is touching, uplifting and powerful. The songs are good, the visuals are colourful. The film lifts you up through the great songs.

Boy Meets Boy

Doesn't work
This film tries to be Before Sunrise, but it doesn't work. There is no story to keep viewers engaged. The dialog is pretty poor, and the characters reactions don't make sense. I was thoroughly bored by it.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

I enjoyed it more than I expected
The story is pretty engaging, and the visual effects are phenomenal. There's comedy in the symbiosis. The story offers much tension too. I enjoyed it more than I expected.

Boy Meets Boy

Doesn't work
This film tries to be Before Sunrise, but it doesn't work. There is no story to keep viewers engaged. The dialog is pretty poor, and the characters reactions don't make sense. I was thoroughly bored by it.


The story is intense, and the characters are captivating. The action is cool as well. I enjoyed it.

Free Guy

This film is delightful to watch! It is fun, engaging and upbeat. The visuals are fantastic. I enjoyed it a lot.

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