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Meet the Parents

Painful to watch; uncomfortable not funny
Ben Stiller fumbles unrealistically through two hours of discomfort. I couldn't hold a wince for two hours straight. Robert De Niro is great of course, and there are a couple of good supporting performances. But Stiller's character doesn't say what a real human would say in any particular situation, leading to not caring about the character, so why join him (mentally) in his struggle? Not caring leads to boredom, which is why Meet The Parents gets a 3.

Buffalo '66

Awful. Not a shred of sympathy for any character.
An absolute waste of time. No character exhibits anything that caused me to have a shred of sympathy nor interest in them. Characters' motivation nonexistent. Terrible sense of pace. Long boring sequences that are supposed to be offbeat. A complete waste of time. Wish Blockbuster issued refunds. This film is in my top ten most hated movies. I never actively hate a movie, but I actively hate this one.

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