This was such a great movie! I am not a fan of magic and didn't think I'd like Houdini...however, it was such a sweet love story...I couldn't get enough of it...definitely a movie I'd love to see again. Johnathon Schaech was so believable as Houdini I can't wait to see his other movies. Great job!!

Seven Years in Tibet

Touching story of an unhappy and lonely man who finally finds peace within himself.
This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. The portrayal of Heinrich Harrar by Brad Pitt was very well done. I was touched from the beginning when Heinrich was beginning his ascent up the mountain. He was such a lonely man, someone who was not at peace with himself and could not love anyone. He was a very self-absorbed individual who needed those years in Tibet to become a human being, one who cared for others as well as himself. Definitely a movie I will watch again.

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