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Why Monica Why?
A rape scene to provoke emotion from its viewer shows little or no creative ability. A 10 minute rape scene shows a disturbing perversion that only can be classified as evil. I am ashamed that Monica Bellucci even agreed to take this role, not-to-mention appear at Cannes to promote this abomination of a film. Monica was on quite a role of performance gems (Malena, Les Pacte Des Loups) earning respect and creating demand for herself. This just may backslide her to the roles like Dobermann and such, which corrupted the acclaim she received for L'appartement. Why Monica Why?

Le pacte des loups

"Encore, Encore!"
As the BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF character SYLVIA (Monica Bellucci) would say "Encore, Encore!". This film was definitely "easy on the eyes". (*Almost as much as Monica herself). Beautiful, Sexy, Fun. It was my first exposure to Mark Dacascos for whom I thought did a great job. Vincent Cassel was as cool as ever. And the actress newcomer Virginie Darmon stole many a scene as La Bavarde...and most importantly, I thought it great that they showed the wolves used as scape goats for the crimes of the beast, not to mention many a real wolf has paid the debt for such similar events. I highly recommend all people who think they are beautiful or evil to educate themselves by visiting wolf.org. Educate yourselves on this misunderstood & misrepresented animal. AND Monica Bellucci fans educate yourselves (if you have not already) by seeing L'APPARTEMENT and MALENA. You will see why she too is a rare species. To be so talented and beautiful is a sight to behold. -G-

Il cielo è sempre più blu

Bellucci Fans Give This Film A Miss!
Film about a 24 hour day in Rome, with 30 stories interwoven with 130 speaking parts. Monica Bellucci fans give this movie a miss! She appears in one scene less than one minute long, in a 145 minute movie...Not to mention it arrives 1 hour into this agonizingly slow film. You've been warned!

Joan of Arc

Simply Put: A "MONSTROUSLY" unjust film to the real ST. JOAN!!! It is very difficult NOT to be inspired by her story, but Luc Besson makes that task quite easy. MILLA, while good in many scenes, definitely was no LEELEE...THE WINNER BY A KNOCKOUT: JOAN OF ARC: CBS MINI SERIES.

Date with an Angel

Phoebe Who?
Forget the script. Forget the acting. Never has such beauty leapt off the screen as it did with french actress, Emmanuelle Beart. My reaction was much like that of the characters on screen. MESMERIZED!!! I am forever in this films debt for the american introduction of this incredible woman. Thank you!

Voleur de vie

Nothing new for Emmanuelle Beart or her fans...
Nothing new for Emmanuelle Beart or her fans... I bought this video from an online french "Amazon.com" equivalent, and was not surprised at all from what I saw. Not even Emmanuelle Beart's divine beauty can save this picture. Ms. Beart, please "NO" more prostitutes,adulteress women, or tormented souls. I beg you to give your fans another comedy! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!


The Sixth Sense

Excellent Movie. The entire cast was spectacular.I HIGHLY recommend! Haley Joel Osment definitely delivered an OSCAR worthy performance. The actress, Toni Collette, who played his mother also should be considered for nomination for her outstanding role. "THANKS FOR THE GREAT NAIL BITER!!!" -G-

Joan of Arc

A beautiful peace of work! "10"
They will have a hard time finding a better Joan of Arc lead actress. (*Milla Jovovich has big shoes to fill in her major motion picture release of Luc Besson's JOAN OF ARC, this fall)...Leelee was incredible! She and Peter O'Toole (as Bishop Cauchon) should have "awards" coming for their performances! This film is definitely a "10"!

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